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What You Need To Know About Melting Ice On Concrete Steps


safe ice melt for concrete driveway

The best time to melt the ice on your concrete steps is when it’s dry outside. The sun’s heat will help melt the ice and prevent further damage to your home. If possible, do this in the morning so you don’t have to worry about stepping on slippery surfaces later in the day!

It is vital to keep harmful deicing salt away from concrete and use melt ice on concrete steps. Here are some steps to take care of your concrete steps in winter.

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Shovel Away Any Ice On Top Of The Concrete.

Use a snow shovel or a scraper to break up the ice, and then shovel it off the concrete into a nearby trash can or another location where it won’t be slippery when you’re walking around your house. Shake off the blade to get rid of any ice that is stuck to it before putting it away.

Get A Safe Ice Melt For Concrete Steps

It’s essential to use the correct ice melt for concrete steps to keep them safe. Unfortunately, de-icers like rock salt can damage steps. Instead, natural ice melt with traction agents can be used on the steps for an even more delicate approach to preventing slips and accidents. 

Safe Ice Melt For Concrete Driveway

Concrete deterioration is more common in winter when freeze-thaw cycles and deicing chemicals are prevalent. However, deicing chemicals like salt and chloride only aggravate the already-stressed concrete by pushing more water into the concrete; thus, using a natural ice melt for concrete is essential to prevent corrosion and cracks.

Safe Thaw by Gaia is a biodegradable ice melter made from all-natural ingredients. It’s safe for pets and children. So you can use it inside your home and outside on concrete surfaces. Safe Thaw by Gaia does not harm plants or grasses because it does not contain any sodium chloride (which is present in rock salt and other conventional deicers).

Safe Thaw contains modified urea as its main active ingredient. Potassium chloride also helps prevent corrosion of metal pipes and fittings that could be vulnerable to damage from traditional deicers that contain sodium chloride or calcium chloride.

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You can melt ice on concrete steps with a variety of different methods, but we recommend using non-toxic alternatives that won’t harm the environment or your pets. If you do use salt or calcium chloride, be sure to do so in a safe area and wear gloves while applying them—and don’t forget about protecting yourself from exposure as well!

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