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Top Ways To Establish Quality Of The Concrete When It’s Under 6 Months Old


Regular care and maintenance are critical tasks in preserving a concrete driveway. Mainly, the concrete construction under 6 months requires more care. As an owner of freshly laid concrete, you must be cautious about its regular maintenance and how to avoid corrosive driveway salt. Here are some tips for keeping your concrete driveway healthy year after year. 

Top Ways To Establish Concrete Quality

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is required to maintain the appearance of your concrete driveways. The interval of cleaning depends on the weather conditions and the vehicle traffic.

Treat with care

Make sure that your commercial driveways are suitable for heavy traffic. Be careful and allow the heavy vehicles as per the capacity of your concrete driveway only. Also, be cautious while plowing or shoveling the driveways.

Avoid harmful driveway salt

Avoid deicing production on your construction that is less than one year old. New concrete acts like a sponge and can soak the deicing agents and get damaged. Even the freeze/thaw cycle due to the ice melt effect can build pressure into the pores and crack your concrete driveways. 

Using harmful deicing products can cause further damage to your concrete driveways. Especially the chloride-based deicers can cause rust over the metal and corrode the driveway’s surface. Hence, it is crucial that you find the best way to melt ice on the concrete driveway.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Patching and sealing damaged areas

Suppose you find any damage or cracks on concrete, clean and dry it properly. Afterward, you can apply the patching and sealing material to control further damage and maintain the appearance of your driveway.

Remove stains

The concreted driveways that don’t have sealer may have permanent grease and oil stains if not removed immediately. Therefore, washing it with water and some cleaning chemical is better.  

Best Way To Melt Ice On Concrete Driveways

Many de-icing products on the market contain chloride and salts and may damage your concrete driveways. Safe Thaw is a urea-based deicer that works gently on your concrete and driveways without harming them. It is free from any toxic chemicals and is safe for all surfaces.

How Safe Thaw works

  • Spread Safe Thaw over the area where you need to melt the ice.
  • Its crystal will leach out a deicing liquid to speed up the melting process.
  • Safe Thaw penetrates ice and will not allow the reformation of the ice.
  • Safe Thaw will start effecting in 10 minutes by boring granules through ice and destabilizing it.

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The first six months of your concrete driveway are susceptible. Therefore, they need extra care to give it a longer life while maintaining its new look. Besides regular maintenance, keeping it safe from any salt and chemical effects of harmful ice melt is essential since your construction is under one year of age. 

Even after one year, use a gentle ice melt on your concrete driveways, machinery, vehicles, and environment. Safe Thaw, a urea-modified ice melt product, is highly recommended for the long life of your concrete driveways.

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