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Top Signs That Indicate It’S Time To Clear Snow From Your Roof


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If you have a snow-covered roof, you know how important it is to clear it quickly. Snow can be heavy and dangerous to remove. If left for too long, this can mean a higher risk of damage to your home and other parts of the property. The following are some signs that indicate it’s time to clear the snow from your roof:

Dents In The Gutters

If you notice dents in the gutters, it could be a sign of pending roof damage. The quickest way to determine if your roof has been compromised is by checking for water damage inside your home. If there are any signs of water damage, such as mold or rotting wood, then it’s time to get up on that ladder and clear away the snow from your roof before things get worse!

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Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters are a sign that your roof needs to be cleared of snow. They can be caused by improperly installed or damaged gutters and should be cleaned regularly to prevent sagging. If you notice sagging gutters on the roof, contact a professional immediately.

Ice Dams Forming

Ice dams are a sign of poor roof ventilation. They form when warm air from inside the house melts snow and ice on the roof, but this water refreezes along the edges, blocking the flow of water to your gutters. It can cause damage to your ceiling or walls as well as foundation issues for your home.

Sagging Roof Areas

Sagging roof areas are a sign that your roof may not be able to withstand the weight of snow. It can be caused by ice dams, snow accumulation, or even a leak in the roof.

If you notice sagging areas on your home’s roof, it is best to contact a professional immediately before further damage occurs.

Roof Ventilation Blocked By Ice Or Snow

If your roof is covered in snow and ice, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that it’s properly ventilated.

First, remove all snow from the roof. If you can’t do this yourself, call a professional for help. Removing the snow will make it easier to identify any blocked vents or other problems with your roof’s ventilation system.

Next, check all your vents for obstruction by ice or snow buildup. If any are blocked, use a hose (or other appropriate tools) to clear away this material so that air can still pass through them freely.

Finally, if necessary contact an expert if you’re unable to reach any of these areas yourself.

Heavily Snow-Covered Roofs

If your roof is heavily snow-covered, it may be time to clear off some snow. The weight of the snow can cause damage to your roof, including leaks and sag. It might also form ice dams along the eaves due to melted water from inside the home pooling up against the eaves and freezing in cold temperatures.

Ice Melt Pellets

You can use metal roof ice melt systems and ice melt pellets to get rid of the roof snow. The most common types of ice melts are calcium-based, sodium chloride-based, and magnesium chloride-based. 

Calcium-based products are not safe for shingles and metal roofs, and synthetic roofing membranes. Sodium chloride-based products can corrode metal gutters and downspouts. Magnesium chloride is also not safe for roofing materials like fiberglass shingles or SBS (styrene bitumen) membranes.

There are several different types of roof ice melt wire, and they each work differently. Salt is cheap to use but can be harmful to your plants and animals. You can use Safe Thaw ice melt which is both safe and effective.

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Unfortunately, snow can cause damage to your roof if not taken care of quickly. It is crucial that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your roof is safe and secure before the next snowfall comes around.

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