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The Secrets To Pouring Concrete In The Heat Of Summer


ice melter for concrete

If you need to pour concrete in the summer, you may be concerned about the effects of high heat on your project. If so, don’t worry: I’ll tell you how to avoid common mistakes when working with concrete during summer.

Add ice to the mix rather than water.

You might think pouring concrete in the summer is a good idea because it’s so hot outside. But if you want your driveway or patio to look as pretty as possible, there is a better way to pour it. If you’re working with concrete in the summertime, you may have to add ice to the mix rather than water. This will help with humidity problems and make sure the concrete dries evenly.

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It requires just the right amount of moisture—but not too much.

Concrete is made from cement, sand, and water. The more cement you use, the stronger your concrete will be; however, it will also be less flexible (because concrete hardens over time). When you add water to your mixture too soon or in too large of a quantity, you end up with something called “wet concrete” or “soft slab” that has poor strength and won’t last long enough before cracking or crumbling apart completely.

Take Care In Winter As Well.

Different types of salts for ice available on the market today.

There are several products comprising calcium chloride, potassium chloride, or even blends of different ingredients and sodium chloride. However, they are corrosive and can damage your driveway. Most ice melt in the market is either salt or chemical compounds. You, as a responsible citizen, must remain mindful of the impact it may have on the environment. Not all ice melt products are safe for your driveway, property, and the environment as they corrode concrete surfaces, leave a residue and harm plants and waterways. 

The best alternative to ice melt homemade.

Safe Thaw by Gaia is a biodegradable ice melter made from all-natural ingredients. It’s safe for pets and children. So you can use it inside your home and outside on concrete surfaces. Safe Thaw by Gaia does not harm plants or grasses because it does not contain any sodium chloride (which is present in rock salt and other conventional deicers). It is 100% environment-friendly and does not leave any negative imprint on the environment. It is the best alternative to ice melt homemade.

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We hope that this guide has been helpful for understanding how to pour concrete in the heat of summer. If not, feel free to reach out with any questions via email or phone call. We want all of our customers to be successful with every project they tackle!

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