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Safe Thaw: How To Apply The Correct Way


ice melt that won t damage concrete

The biggest mistake we make while using ice melt spreaders is the way we apply them. For example, overwatering plants can drown the roots and kill the plants, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause sunburn even though we have used sunscreen protection, or drinking too much water can cause water retention. Similarly, with ice melt spreaders, most of us want quick results and think using more is good. However, it’s not always the case. 

There is a method to the madness. And there is a way to melt ice without salt without damaging your surroundings. We show you the correct way to apply ice melt spreaders and ensure you do overdo it.

On average, the cost of slip and fall injury during winter months can exceed $12000, and the least expensive way of avoiding this is to use ice melt spreaders correctly.

Quick facts to keep in mind when using ice melt spreaders

·  Always wear gloves

·  Cover your mouth and eyes in case of a strong chemical composition

·  Wear appropriate footwear when applying the ice melt to avoid slipping before

·  Use the ice melt spreader at the right time, such as before a snowfall, before the precipitation freezes, etc.

·  Do not dump the slush or brine directly on the landscape. It will damage it.

·  Choose the correct ice melt depending on the time of the year as the temperature will vary. 

·  Generally, half a cup is sufficient for a square yard; however, it is best to read the instructions before using.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

How To Melt Ice Without Salt?

Safe Thaw is the most effective chloride-free and salt-free ice melt in the market. This ice melt spreader is widely used by jetways, bridges, train platforms, and more with a natural mixture of ingredients and a patented formula.

·  Comes in an easy-to-spread 10lbs jug with sky blue granules.

·  Open the easy spread shaker top and apply to the snowy and icy surface immediately after clearing the excess snow.

·  The Safe Thaw crystal leaches a deicing liquid, speeding up the melting process.

·  It penetrates the snow and ice’s molecular structure and doesn’t allow water to reform into ice.

·  It covers 100 sq. ft. in one pound. You can sprinkle the ice melt spreader and see the magic happen in 10 mins.

·  You need ½ the amount of regular ice melt, especially rock salt. You do not need more to see quicker results.

·  It is a pet-friendly ice melt and does not burn their paws or cause a tummy upset in accidental ingestion.

·  Easily apply it to small or large areas. 

When you overdo any ice melt spreaders, you tend to damage your surface in the bargain. More is not good, and you have to apply the correct quantity to see maximum benefits.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution

To Conclude

Safe Thaw ice melt spreader has changed the way commercial organizations purchase deicers today. Become more environment-conscious and get the maximum.

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