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Roof Gutter Ice Melt System Vs Ice Melt


is ice melt safe for new concrete

You might have heard about roof gutter ice melt systems, and wondered if it’s the right choice for your home. You might be asking yourself, “Which one is better: ice melt or roof gutter ice melt system?” The answer is simple. Ice melt is better.

If you’re looking for a way to melt the ice on your roof, you might be tempted by the idea of using a roof gutter roof ice melting system. But we think you’ll agree that an ice melt system is a way to go.

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Impact Of Using A Roof Gutter Ice Melt System:

The impact of a roof gutter ice melt system on your roof is that it can cause damage to the gutters, fascia, and the roof. The ice melt systems used on roofs are copper or aluminum piping installed in the gutter. The ice melts are connected to the piping by plastic hangers and screws, which can easily break off during installation. This debris will then fall into the gutters and the roof where it’s likely to get caught between shingles, damaging them in the process.

Is Ice Melt Safe For New Concrete And Roof Ice Melting?

New concrete is anything less than 12 months old. Ice melt usually comprises a blend of salt with other chlorides such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, etc. Any new concrete is susceptible to damage because the pores have not closed yet, and it is yet to get accustomed to the weather changes. 

Concrete is more fragile in its first year after being poured and smoothened. It takes at least 12 months to cure, settle, and gain strength to avoid cracking. 

Once you pour or apply ice melt on new concrete, it converts ice into slush or brine, thus making it slightly watery. 

Therefore, do not use an ice melt on concrete less than 12 months old.

Safe Thaw is a patented natural ingredient-based product that comprises unique surfactants. 

It is a urea-modified product (unlike any other in the market because of its safety for humans and pets). It helps roof ice melt with its ice-melting boosters that cut through the icy layer, making it easy for you to clear your roof. It contains special glycols.

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Ice melts are easier to use. Roof gutter ice melts systems require you to install them on the gutter of your home, which can be a complicated and difficult process. Ice melts can be used wherever they are needed—on sidewalks or steps—and they work just as well in those places as they do on roofs.

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