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Pros And Cons Of A Gravel Driveway

Ice Melt For Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways are hands-down the most affordable option. Asphalt driveways come second in cost, followed by cement and pavers. Although gravel driveways are the least expensive initially, they require the most maintenance in the long term. In this article, we’ll discuss some pros and cons of gravel driveways and the best ice melt for gravel driveways:

Pros of Gravel Driveways:


The cost of gravel driveways varies depending on the size of the property and the type of material used. 

The gravel industry has different types available: crushed stone, river rock, and decorative pebbles are some of the options. The price paid per ton will fluctuate depending on how much landscaping you do and the type of material used in your project. For example, decorative pebbles may cost more than plain crushed stone.


Although gravel is not impermeable, it does offer some benefits in terms of drainage. Gravel driveways are permeable, which means that they can absorb moisture and allow water to pass through. The gravel driveway will also allow water to drain while holding up under the weight of snow and ice during the winter months.

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Cons of Gravel Driveway:

But there are some drawbacks. A gravel driveway is the least expensive to install initially, but it requires the most maintenance long-term. Gravel driveways are not recommended for use in areas that receive heavy snowfall. Additionally, gravel driveways require frequent resealing and regular maintenance to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Improper Installation

It is important to ensure that the gravel is compacted correctly and that the surface of your driveway is level to avoid any issues down the line. Improper installation is common in gravel driveways and leads to further problems like cracks, erosion etc.

Erosion and Washout

Erosion and washout are common problems with gravel driveways. The material can be easily displaced by heavy rain or snow, leading to other issues like potholes, reduced traction on the road surface, and even damage to your home if the water flows onto it.

Resealing Requirements

Sealing your driveway is necessary to maintain the health of your driveway and retain its strength. You should seal a gravel driveway once every 10 years, or as needed if you have had a heavy rain season.

A resealed driveway will prevent water from seeping into cracks in the surface, which means that ice won’t build up on top of the loose stones when there is freezing weather. It also prevents weeds from growing through bare areas between stones and helps prevent erosion by holding down loose stones with moisture so they can’t be blown away by wind or rain.

Winter Issues: Best Ice Melt for Gravel Driveway

In winter, gravel driveways require special attention. It’s crucial to keep the driveway ice-free so that the drivers can navigate their way safely. Safe Thaw is the best ice melt for gravel driveways as it contains modified urea. This product has special surfactants, inhibitors, and ice melting boosters. Therefore, it can be used on any outdoor surface, including gravel, concrete, stone patios, and wood decks. 

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Gravel driveways are cheaper, but concrete driveways are more durable than gravel. If you live in an area with frequent rain or snow, a concrete driveway is the best option because it will last much longer. The same can be said for areas that are prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters; concrete is more resistant to these forces than gravel.

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