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5 Essential Tips To Prepare Your Driveway For Winter

Best Ice Melt For Concrete Driveway

When winter hits, the last thing you want to do is slip and fall on your driveway. Even worse? To have a car or truck get stuck or slide off your driveway. Safety should always be the top priority when dealing with icy driveways! It doesn’t take much to prepare for the worst of winter. Follow these simple tips before each storm to avoid injury, and keep your car safe.

Before you can prepare your driveway, you need to inspect it. Inspecting the surface of your driveway will help you identify any damage that may have occurred during the summer season. This will also let you know what repair is required for winter driving conditions.

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  • Inspect your driveway

Look for cracks and holes in the concrete. 

Check for signs of water damage, such as puddles forming on top or around the edges of your driveway. 

Inspect areas where vehicles go (such as garages) as these areas tend to wear down more quickly than other areas due to their heavy foot traffic throughout the year. 

Examine all sides of a structure, including corners, joints between sections, and walls where there might be some damage from weathering over time or from lawn equipment.

  • Identify the best ice melt for driveway 

When choosing an ice melt product for your driveway, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, it must be environmentally friendly. Many products on the market contain chemicals that can harm plants and animals. The last thing you want to do is find out months later that your choice of ice melt caused damage to the environment.

Secondly, make sure the product works effectively at melting ice. If it doesn’t work as advertised or takes too long to melt the ice, it might not be worth purchasing after all!

If you search for the best ice melt for concrete on Google, you’ll find Safe Thaw as one of the top choices. It’s because it’s free from all those harmful chemicals that you should avoid on your driveway.

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  • Before applying, clean the driveway

To properly prepare your driveway, you’ll need to clean it. This is an important step that many people overlook, but it’s critical for ensuring the quality of your driveway’s anti-icing treatment. The best way to do this is with a pressure washer, which can be rented from a local business or hardware store.

  • Scatter the ice melter evenly an hour before a storm​​

Apply the best ice melt for driveway and sidewalk about an hour before a storm. Use enough to cover the area, but not so much that it creates a puddle.

  • Reapply after storms

After the storm, you should reapply the product before driving over the area again. If there’s still a lot of snow on your driveway you can take some help from your shovel. Make sure both sides are treated well!


We hope these tips will help you during the winter season. Nothing is worse than slipping and falling on ice, so make sure to use these tips to keep your driveway safe. Even though preparing for the winter season may require some extra work, it’s definitely worth the effort in order to protect yourself and others from injuries.

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