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Pro And Cons Of Sealing Your Concrete Driveway

Best Ice Melt For Concrete

When the winter arrives, you have to worry about finding the best ice melt for new concrete to protect the newly laid concrete. The corrosion caused by the moisture left behind by ice melt is your second worry and must be addressed in advance. While sealing your concrete driveway is highly recommended by professional contractors, many homeowners do not consider it a necessity. Therefore, we suggest going through the pros and cons of sealing your concrete driveway to make the right decision.


Protect the driveway with the best ice melt for new concrete

It will protect the concrete and driveways from harmful corrosive ingredients. In addition, concrete sealing will prevent moisture and brine from reaching the pores of the concrete, which may further damage the concrete and driveway. 

Reformation of ice from brine can cause extended pressure from the pores and can cause cracks in the concrete driveway. Sealing will form a protective film that does not allow moisture to cross the surface.

Choosing the best ice melt product for concrete less than a year old becomes more vital as it is more prone to corrosion.

Elegant look 

Colorful concrete driveways are the new fashion nowadays; they will protect the surface from moisture and give an elegant look to your concrete driveways.

Longer life 

Sealing will make the surface shiny and smooth and prevent fade or decay. It will help to give a longer life to the concrete driveways too. Also, it helps to revive the old concrete and driveways.

Prevention from stains 

Sealing protects your structures from any permanent stain that might cause due to oil, grease, or any sticky substance.

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Extra care is required 

Since you have spent on enhancing the look and safety of your driveways and want it to look good all the time, you have to spend some time on its care to protect it from tire marks, mud, rotten leaves, and dirt. Moreover, it does cost money.

Impact on the environment 

Sealers may have chemicals that are not friendly to our environment, so choose the one less harmful to the environment while serving your purpose.


Periodic maintenance or resealing will be required depending on the usage. For example, a roughly used area may require maintenance yearly or before that.


A drawback of having a shiny and fancy driveway is that it will be slippery when wet. So advise your contractor to take care of it while choosing the sealing material.

Cannot apply on new slabs 

Sealers cannot be used on newly laid concrete. It is recommended to apply sealers a minimum of a month after construction.

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Sealing required some extra care and cost. However, you can avoid it by opting for an ice melt that will prevent the excessive formation of brine. It is essential for your concrete driveways’ long life and protection. Hence, choose the best ice melt product for concrete that is non-corrosive and eco-friendly. Urea-based ice melts are considered the safest and most effective ice melt for concrete new and old.

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