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My Dog Eats Snow. Is Safe Thaw Harmful If Swallowed?


best ice melt safe for dogs

My dog eats snow. Is Safe Thaw harmful if swallowed? The answer is no.  This is because Safe Thaw’s ice melt doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals for humans or animals to ingest. That means that there are no toxic ingredients in the product to worry about!

Safe Thaw is a safe deicing product for your children and pets. It is non-toxic, chemical-free, and won’t stain shoes or clothing. You can also use Safe Thaw in your garden without fear of it affecting plants or grass.

Safe Thaw - Best Ice Melt For Asphalt

Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

It Is Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free

Safe Thaw is a naturally derived product and is non-toxic. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, so you won’t have to worry about kids or pets getting sick from using it. It’s also safe for plants and the environment!

It Won’t Stain Shoes Or Clothing.

Safe Thaw ice melt is a non-toxic, safe, and natural product safe for people and pets. It is also 100% biodegradable, so you can feel good about using it around your kids’ playgrounds.

Safe Thaw will not harm your children, pets, or plants. This is because the ingredients in Safe Thaw ice melt come from natural sources like volcanic remains, so it doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals.

If you’re worried about your children coming into contact with the ice melt itself while playing outside on the frozen ground or sidewalk, don’t worry! Unlike other conventional deicers which are made of toxic chemicals that can cause damage to plants when they come in contact with them (and can also be harmful if ingested by humans), Safe Thaw contains no toxins whatsoever, so there is no way for it to cause harm!

Safe For Skin

Safe Thaw is safe to handle, use and walk on. This means no more worrying about your kids or pets getting burned by this product! The granules melt in water and don’t leave behind a residue that can stick to skin or fur.

Safe Thaw Is The Fastest Ways To Melt Ice

Safe Thaw is non-toxic, 100% natural, and non-corrosive. Safe Thaw ice melt does not pollute the environment and it degrades in soil when it comes in contact with soil microbes (bacteria). Safe Thaw has been tested for human safety and is non-polluting to our environment.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Safe Thaw works with the cold temperature in your garage or shed to thaw out your ice melt pellets. This is a great alternative to having to use an indoor heater or oven, which could have dangerous side effects like starting a fire if not used correctly. If you’re looking for a safer way to melt your ice and keep it from damaging your property, Safe Thaw is the product for you!

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