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Most Affordable Deicer For Your Facility


Affordable Ice Melts In Home Depot For Concrete

Deicing your facility every winter is a big challenge and finding an affordable deicer and roof ice melt is a bigger one. While ice melt home depots around your facility, you need to consider a few aspects before zeroing in on one.

The primary purpose of an ice melt is- 

1. Melt the icy layer that forms after a snowfall. 

2. Create a safety net around the facility for vehicles and pedestrians. 

3. Protect the flooring inside the facility from potential damage by harmful ice melt. 

4. Melt ice on the roof to protect the ceiling from seepage and potentially permanent damage. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

What type of ice melt home depot would you find in stores now? 

There are several ice melt products in the market today. From liquid to granules to pellets, there is a variety of ice melt that you can find in the market nowadays. However, from costly ones to a few cheaper alternatives, there is always an underlying threat to pedestrians and facility owners if they use the wrong ice melt. 

Calcium Chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, or rock salt are amongst several products used by facility owners across the country. They are available as blends of two or more powerful ingredients or single ingredients that can be used as roof ice melt or on the facility grounds. 

However, a word of caution- 

1. Most ice melt contains potentially harmful chemicals and chlorides that can cause considerable damage to the environment and concrete. 

2. They will leave a residue around the facility premises after clearing the ice melt, making your facility look awful.

3. The harsh substances damage the concrete every year or two, making it an expensive repair affair. 

4. We cannot use it on fresh concrete. 

While considering all these factors, which ice melt home depot is affordable and sustainable?

Safe Thaw is one of the most environment-friendly ice melt available in the market. It comprises carbonyl diamide with advanced dual-patented glycols that release a specific deicing liquid when it touches the ground. The deicing liquid cuts through the icy surface, melt ice, and builds traction that helps pedestrians and vehicles to move without any trouble. 

You need to spread ½ the quantity of other deicers and ice melt home depot products. It essentially cuts down on your average cost of purchasing a deicer repeatedly and helps you address the core issue of affordability and sustainability. 

Since it is 100% chloride-free and salt-free, Safe Thaw works wonders on the roof as well. You can spread the roof ice melt, leave it on for a while, and then scrape it off with a plastic shovel. It will now allow the ice melt to stick to the roof and prevent any frozen gutters or storm drains. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Safe Thaw is used in less quantity and is more effective in the long run. Whether you are a hospital ground or a healthcare facility, you will avoid unsafe conditions outside or inside the premises. You can save your environment, concrete and make the most of a 100% biodegradable ice melt home depot that will help you cut down costs every year. 

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