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4 Things To Do When A Snowstorm Hits

4 Things To Do When A Snowstorm Hits

Each year hundreds of cases are reported related to the injuries caused by exposure to colds, road accidents, or fires caused by the improper use of heaters. In this article, we will learn how to keep our employees, customers, and premises safe during blizzards and other winter storms. Before you make Google queries like ‘bulk ice melt for sale’, make sure to read this guide first.

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4 Things businesses should do when a snowstorm hits

1. Inspect your building

The first step to protecting your building from snow is ascertaining the current situation. So, before the snow hits your premises, make sure to test your facility for any cracks or crevices, hanging tree branches, and broken tiles in the walls and on the roof.

2. Cover your new concrete 

If you have newly laid concrete on your premises, you need to be extra careful.

Just like the first few days of a baby are critical and demand extra care and protection, new concrete needs extra care in the starting days. Pouring ice melt on new concrete can impact its strength considerably. Many businesses make this mistake- they buy ice melt in bulk even before understanding whether they can use it on new concrete or not.

3. Check your roof

Another thing you must check before the storm hits is your building’s roof. Inspect your roof for loose shingles and tree branches that could catch on the roof rake while clearing the snow. Keep your harnesses gears, rakes, and ice melt ready to remove the snow later. 

4. Don’t use chemical ice melt

The majority of the ice melts in the market use chloride in one or the other form. Salt-based or chemical-based ice melts not only damage concrete but is also harmful to your building and delicate machinery. It can even cause short circuits and serious accidents on the premises.

You can go for a salt-free, chloride-free deicer that acts gently on the concrete. They can work at low temperatures and are equally effective. Another good thing with salt-free deicers is, they come with the preventive Teflon effect. After your floor has been purged of the frosty deposits, this effect creates an invisible layer on the deiced surface, which makes it easy for shoveling. 

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Bonus Tips:

1. Use Protective Sealant

Adding a layer of sealer on the top of the concrete can save it from damages like- freeze/thaw cycles, stains from dirt, deicing salts, oil, and other contaminants. While concrete looks strong and solid, it is quite vulnerable due to its porosity.

2. Use Traction Agent

A traction agent increases the friction on the ice layer, thereby preventing the occurrence of any unfortunate accidents.

Good traction agents absorb excess water on the ice layer and provide a sandpaper-type effect by improving the grip of your shoes in the slippery ice layer.


Snow is beautiful, but when it starts falling hard it can turn scary. It is best to take preemptive measures at the right time. Ascertain the current situation and take proper measures.

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