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How To Remove Snow From A Dirt Or Gravel Driveway

Best Ice Melt For Driveway

Gravel or dirt driveways look great, and add a contemporary look to your driveway. The market is laden with the best ice melt for dirt driveways; however, it is not always easy to choose the best one for your driveway. They are not only sustainable but also last for decades and add an aesthetic look to your property. But come winter, snow removal from the surface remains the perennial problem that remains with every homeowner.

While gravel and dirt driveways have many benefits, snow removal is not one of them. Since gravel and dirt are not solid as concrete or asphalt surface, it takes a little extra effort to remove the snow from the surface. Every year the question that haunts us is the use of the best ice melt for driveway.

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Let us take a quick look at some proven ways to remove snow from gravel and dirt driveways.


A proven age-old technique, shoveling helps remove the extra layer of snow from any surface, including gravel. Use a sturdy shovel or soft garden rake and start at the top in a uniform direction. You must pull the snow swiftly towards the road to ensure that you remove maximum snow from the driveway.


Another tried and tested method to remove snow from dirt and gravel driveways is using a powerful snow blower. There are several snow blowers in the market with varied power settings but using one that is easy to handle and not very powerful helps remove fresh snow from the gravel surface.

Best ice melt for dirt driveway

Several misconceptions exist about using ice melt products on gravel or dirt driveways. It is one of the easiest ways to remove snow but depends on the intensity of the ice melt. At least 80% of ice melt products in the market are a blend of sodium chloride and other chloride-based products; however, using a 100% salt-free ice melt will work better. 

It is less harmful to the driveway, avoids cracking, and protects the landscape. A urea-modified product with special glycols and surfactants such as Safe Thaw helps you solve your winter driveway woes.

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Snow melting mats

Snow melting mats is one of the products people use instead of investing in the best ice melt for driveway. It is quite cumbersome to move and layout, especially if you have a broad driveway. It occupies a considerable space in the garage and can be difficult to give you the desired result of getting any respite from snow every day. It may get slippery, causing you to slip and fall unexpectedly.


It is recommended to use the best ice melt for dirt driveway that is easy to use and does not harm your gravel and dirt driveway. Urea-modified product with active glycols and special surfactants, ice melting boosters, and inhibitors is the best way to melt ice on your driveway without harming it. Safe Thaw can create a protective layer that does not get affected by the freeze/thaw cycle, making your winter as smooth as possible.

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