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How To Protect Your Landscape Before The Onset Of Winter


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Winter is right around the corner, and you know what that means.

It’s time to protect your landscape from the cold.

When the temperature drops, your plants will be at risk of damage from frost, ice, and snow. If you don’t take steps to protect them, they could be severely damaged or killed by the end of the season.

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If you don’t have a plan to keep your plants safe during winter, it’s time to get one in place. Here are some tips for making sure your landscaping survives winter:

  • Identify which plants need protection and which ones can withstand lower temperatures without being damaged.
  • Consider how much time and energy you want to spend on protecting your landscaping before winter arrives; some plants require more effort than others.
  • Know how to identify signs of damage so that you don’t waste time worrying about something that isn’t actually damaged yet!

How can you take care of your backyard and front yard before winter?

  • Repair Concrete

It is advisable to check your concrete’s health and repair it before the onset of winter. If there are small cracks, use a sealant to cover them up and prepare your space for winter.

Another thing is you must know how to melt frozen ice.

  • Which Ice Melt Should You Use And How Much Ice Melt Per Square Foot:

Safe Thaw has developed a unique urea-modified ice melt product that is 100% natural and environment-friendly. With special ice-melting boosters and unique surfactants with glycols, there is zero liability on any of your surfaces or vegetation.

Coming to how much ice melt per square foot– follow the instructions on your ice melt package as it differs from product to product.

  • Remove Weeds And Dried Leaves.

The gaps in the concrete can lead to unwanted weeds and small plants growing. De-weed both your spaces before the onset of winter. Fall or autumn leads to dried leaves and twigs covering up your space. Not clearing them in advance will make it difficult to use ice melt. Also, you must know  how much ice melt per square foot. If not done in advance, melted ice and the ice melt granules can seep through the crevices, making it difficult for you to clean them later.

  • Remove Stains

It is best to clean your driveway, front yard, and backyard before the winter sets in. Sometimes, if you use salt for driveway, there is a high chance of the salt leaving a whitish residue on the concrete surface, making it difficult to remove them later. The existing stains can become even more difficult to remove later.

  • Mow Your Lawn

If you find it difficult to mow your lawn, it is advisable to hire a professional gardener to do this job for you. Trimming your garden and mowing your lawn before the winter is a great way to ensure quick snow removal. 

  • Clean The Storm Drain Or Gutters

It is advisable to clear your storm drains and the gutters to avoid blockage when the ice or snow melts during winter. If you are using anything other than natural ice melt products, there are chances of the residue accumulating on the storm drain, causing more trouble.

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We hope you like this list of things you can do now to prepare for winter so that you can keep your landscaping business going strong all winter long!

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