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How To Protect The Floors Of Your Commercial Property From Salt?

Ice Melt For Concrete

Winters can wreak havoc on every commercial property and residential unit across the region. To ensure that you have a smooth winter, you must be prepared with different snow removal equipment, check the chloride-free ice melt explanation on how to use it well, and even get all your winter gear ready. It will help you take care of your surroundings well and ensure that your employees and customers are constantly safe.

Every commercial property is made differently to serve different purposes. Whether it is a parking lot or a retail store or a restaurant, or office buildings, concrete is the prime material used in almost all spaces. However, to improve a property’s aesthetic value, owners or property managers often use different flooring materials. 

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How can we protect our floors from salt and use home depot ice melt to keep them safe?

Concrete Floor

Winterizing your concrete floors go a long way in keeping your employees’ and customers’ safe. 

  • Use an acrylic sealer to cover the crevices and corners wherever required. It will help you increase the life of your concrete floor. 
  • Use a protective silicone coating that will not let salt stick to the floor, and you can quickly dust it off. 
  • Use a containment mat at all entrances to ensure no residue is carried inside the premises. 

Asphalt Floor 

Winterize your asphalt floors using the proper home depot ice melt and equipment. 

  • Clear off all debris, leaves, and dirt from your asphalt surface using a snowplow.
  • Apply a seal coat to block any exposed holes or corners to the extreme winter weather. It helps in keeping the winter precipitation on asphalt at bay. 
  • Remove the snow consistently to avoid any heavy damage later. You may employ the services of a professional snow removal company too. 

Brick Floor 

Most commercial properties use brick along any landscaped area of their premises. It can be an ample open space or a garden space. However, tree leaves and excessive salt can cause immense damage to the property. 

  • Use a high-quality ice melt with 100% natural ingredients such as Safe Thaw to protect the soil and the area around the brick surface from snow. 
  • Use coping stones on the brick walls or along the side to keep the snow from sticking to the surface. Be wary while using calcium chloride ice melt industrial as it may cause inevitable cracks over the years. 

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You can add any flooring to your commercial property, whether inside or outside, depending on your need and budget. However, as a responsible citizen, you must read the chloride-free ice melt explanation before applying it anywhere. Safe Thaw gives you a hassle-free way of protecting all types of floors anywhere on your commercial property because of its natural ingredients that do not harm any flooring, landscape, or environment. 
You can walk into any home depot ice melt aisle and get a budget-friendly product before the onset of winter.

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