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How To Prepare Your Roof For The Winter Snow


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Winter is approaching soon, and you might recall those threatening ice storms that made it so unpleasant. It is time to learn how to prepare your roof for the winter snow and prepare for those challenges in advance, along with roof ice melt that can melt ice effectively and safely.

Conduct a Thorough Roof-Inspection

There are so many structural components of your roof, from flashing and valleys to gutters and sealant, that need thorough inspection and attention before the snowfall starts to avoid risks. Mark the areas that need attention and action timely, whether DIY or hire a professional contractor.

Remove Hazardous Branches

Growing branches on the roof may be hazardous when snow and ice accumulate on a weak unit, and it snaps, ultimately causing massive damage to any surrounding people, pets, or property. Instead, remove the hazardous branches with an eco-friendly approach.

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Remove Leaves And Debris From Gutters

It is undeniable to see dry leaves and debris accumulating on your home roofs; if they are not removed, they can block your gutter and cause a big fuss during snow storms. So it is essential to clear them before the snowfall starts, to avoid the risk of water leakage and deterioration. Moreover, you will also not be able to melt roof ice effectively in the presence of debris.


Conducting a thorough roof inspection in advance will indicate the areas you need to replace or repair before it becomes an emergency. Doing repair work in advance will save you from potential risks and stress.

Inspect Attic 

The insulation and ventilation in your attic help you stay warm, save money on energy expenses and protect your roof. If ventilation is interrupted, moisture can build up in your attic and cause damage, and your roof will be at a higher risk of melting ice and snow on the shingles and causing heavy ice dams.

Roof Ice Melt

Most roof ice melt products feature Salt or calcium chloride in one form or another. In addition, there are products with the combination of calcium chloride and salt in the form of tablets that homeowners throw on the roof before and after the snowfall to melt roof ice and break up the snowpack. But calcium chloride will damage the roof. It can erode the roofing nails, ice dams, and shingles. Besides that, it can cause corrosion to aluminum siding, gutters, and fasteners.

Safe Thaw Will Melt Roof Ice Effectively

Safe Thaw is a natural blend of urea that does not react with the metal or concrete, hence does not cause corrosion or cracks on concrete, and is entirely safe to use as roof ice melts. It contains special surfactants that spread quickly while covering the maximum area with a small quantity; inhibitors do not allow ice reformation and give protection from cracks and corrosion. 

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Snow and ice can be hazardous. Thus, a thorough inspection following the proper repair and use of the excellent ice melt is necessary to avoid risks to the property, people, and machinery.

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