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How To Lower Your Ice Melt Cost In The Winter


best way to melt ice on windshield

Winter is coming, and it’s time to get ready! We all know that winter can be hard on our properties, but ice melt is a great way to help protect your property from the damaging effects of snow and ice. If you’re looking for the best concrete safe ice melt near me or for a way to save money on your ice melt costs this winter season, then this blog post will show you some tips on how to do that:

Deploy The Right Amount Of Ice Melt

While you can’t control the weather, you can control how much ice melt is required to clear your sidewalks and driveways. When it comes to applying the right amount of ice melt, the most critical factor to consider is how much ice is present? 

Depending on the temperature and precipitation, there will be varying amounts of frozen precipitation per square foot, and the ice melt has to be applied accordingly.

For example, rain tends to freeze more quickly than snow at cooler temperatures because raindrops are smaller than snowflakes and therefore have less surface area for heat transfer. On the other hand, if your pavement has already been covered with snow for a couple of days before an additional storm hits your area, then you may have some difficulty getting rid of all those icy layers without proper application techniques. A thicker layer of ice demands more quantity of ice to melt the ice. But Safe Thaw ice melt works for several days after application and reduces your cost of ice melt usage.

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Choose An Ice Melt That Melts At Low Temperatures

The melting point of ice is 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). The freezing point of water is 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). The melting point of salt is lower than that, although it varies by type. For example, sodium chloride’s melting point is under -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit), while calcium chloride has a much higher melting point around -25 to -30 degrees Celsius (-13 to -22 F). But the problem with chloride-based ice melts is that they damage your concrete driveway and corrode the pipes nearby. 

Therefore you can use another effective ice melt Safe Thaw that is effective at very low temperatures and is safe for concrete, pets, kids, and the environment.

Use An Ice Melt Fine Enough To Work Faster And More Effectively

If you’re looking to lower ice melt costs in winter, it’s important to make sure that your ice melt works fast. If you use coarse salt, it won’t work as effectively. It’s also more likely to cause damage and create a mess on your driveway or sidewalk.

For best results, use a fine ice melt like Safe Thaw instead of coarse rock salt. Safe Thaw is the best concrete safe ice melt near me.

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Winter Is Coming, Be Prepared!

It’s winter, which means the temperatures are dropping and the ice is forming. Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property manager, managing ice melt can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for it.

The first step in preparing your property is to make sure that you have all the right tools on hand. If you live in an area where snow and ice are common during winter months (or even if they aren’t), then you must have an ample supply of ice melt and deicers at all times.

Ice melt is one of the most effective ways to melt away snow and ice from sidewalks and walkways, but only when used properly! When using salt on any surface, you should take into account the damage that rock salt can cause to your concrete driveway. You can use Safe Thaw to melt ice on concrete as well as it is also the best way to melt ice on windshield because it is environment friendly and doesn’t corrode machine parts.

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