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How To Choose The Right Contractor To Build Your Concrete Driveway

Ice Melt For Concrete Driveways

When you’re looking for a contractor to build your concrete driveway, it can be a challenge to find the one who’s right for you. Installing a new driveway is a huge investment and therefore requires a lot of planning. Moreover, maintaining your newly built driveway is another herculean task. Did you know the best ice melt to use on concrete is Safe Thaw which does not damage your concrete driveway?

Further to help you cut through some of the confusion, here are some recommended best practices and steps that can help you find the right contractor to meet your needs.

  • Get references from neighbors, family, and friends

Get references from neighbors, family, and friends. Ask people who have had concrete driveway work done in the past about their experience with different contractors. Find out what their previous contractor did well and where they fell short.

Use these references to find out how well the contractor performed on projects similar to yours, so you know what kind of job quality to expect from them. 

  • Check for complaints against contractors registered in your state

Check for complaints against contractors registered in your state. This is usually the best way to see if a contractor has had any issues. You should also check for complaints against contractors with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB provides a rating for each business and can give you an idea of how others perceive their workmanship or customer service.

  • Get at least three bids for the job

Get at least three bids for the job, and make sure that all bids contain the exact specifications. Remember, you’re in charge of this project, and don’t let yourself get talked into a more expensive plan.

  • Ask for a copy of the contractor’s insurance certificate 

Next, ask for a copy of the contractor’s insurance certificate and verify that it’s current. You’ll want to make sure the certificate covers the work you want to be done, as well as the amount of money you’re willing to spend on the job.

  • Verify that the contractor is properly licensed 

Make sure that the contractor is properly licensed to do the work in question.

  • Check their license is current.
  • Check if their license is for your state.
  • Check the type of work they are licensed to do, as this could vary from state to state.

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Now that you have this information in hand, what are you waiting for? The sooner you start investigating the various contractors in your area, the sooner you’ll be able to make a good decision. Choosing a contractor who is insured and licensed means that if anything goes wrong with their work, they will be held responsible—and you won’t have to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacement. And choosing someone who has lots of great references means that they will do excellent work and treat both their clientele and their customers well.

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