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How To Choose The Best Material For Your Wooden Deck

Best Ice Melt For Wood Steps

You can use several different materials available in the market for your wooden deck. However, while choosing the right material for your wooden deck in winter, you must also understand the best ice melt for wood steps. 

Contrary to regular belief, several contractors recommend building your deck close to falling with the right material. One of the biggest advantages of building your wooden deck close to fall is the wait time. Since there will be less footfall, your deck can settle quickly, making it ready for you to use during summers.

However, deciding on the right decking material boils down to personal and practical issues. You must weigh your pros and cons before picking the right one.

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There are several decking materials available in the market.

Pre-treated wooden decks

These are popular amongst several homeowners, and more than 70% of decks are made of this material. Since the wood is chemically treated, it is also a favorite material to apply the best ice melt for wood deck. It has a low price point and is available almost everywhere.

However, maintenance of pre-treated wooden decks can become an issue in the long run. It tends to warp or crack over time. It may not hold well during severe winters, but it is advisable to take help from an experienced contractor to help you make a choice.

Tropical hardwood

It is a luxury choice and comes in several varieties such as tigerwood, Ipe, and cumaru. They are naturally resistant to fungus, rot, and insects, making them an ideal choice to use the best ice melt for wood steps around the house.

However, most of them come with a high price tag and are quite dense, making it difficult to drill holes into them. They are not completely stain-resistant and, if not laid out well, may not give you the finish you want.

Composite wooden decking

A composite wooden deck comprises wood and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). They stand pretty well against all weather conditions and can last long. They do not require much maintenance and are scratch-resistant. Composite decking will not disappoint if you have to use the best ice melt for wood decks.

However, you must take care of mildew and mold developing in damp spaces during winter. The wood deck and steps can show signs of decay if you do not clear them off the mildew.

Besides these, other materials are good for your wooden deck, such as specialty wood that includes cedar and redwood that require weatherproofing often.


The best ice melt for wood deck is determined by the quality of the wood and its longevity. Safe Thaw, the best ice melt for steps and deck, is safe to use on any decking material. It does not cause any harm to the wood deck and steps and protects the landscape around the house during winter from excessive salt in the soil. Using a safe and natural ingredient that is wood and grass-friendly helps avoid unnecessary damage.  

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