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Tips For Restoring And Maintaining Your Wood Deck

 Ice Melt For Wood Deck

Having a wood deck under the open sky near the pool or lawn area increases the home’s beauty and the pleasure of living. However, the wood deck has to bear a lot of abuse due to continuous exposure to weather and rough use. On the one hand, ultraviolet rays break down surface fiber, while moisture causes stains and damage. But you can safeguard this wooden pride of your home by regular maintenance and using the best ice melt for wood deck. 

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Let’s understand more about how to restore and maintain your wood deck.

Regular Inspection and fixing 

Do a thorough inspection of the following points:

– Make sure all the fasteners of the wood deck are appropriately tightened, and no fastener is missing.

– Check both sides of the railing. If any screw or bolt is loosened, fix it.

– If any corner is rot due to moisture, it should be repaired.

– If any screw or nail is popping up, it should be replaced and fixed correctly.

Using the best ice melt for wood deck  

Wood decks are susceptible and can be damaged if applied salt-based ice melt. In addition, we are all aware of the corrosive side effects of chloride compounds. 

Urea-based ice melts are the best ice melt for wood steps and decks. It is safe for vegetation, wood, concrete, pets, and kids. Moreover, unlike other ice melts, it does not leave behind messy residue to stain your wooden decks and stairs.

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Routine Cleaning 

Wood decks require a regular cleaning at least every year. Cleaning requires extra care as the cleaning agent may have concentrated chemicals that can harm your plants, so choose a plant-friendly solution or cover your plants before application. You can hire specialized contractors for it. 

Remove stains  

Wood can quickly get stains and faded color due to exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and the moisture effect. However, oxygenated bleach and oxidized products are available in the market, which can sort this problem quickly. 

In addition, bleach-based products can help remove mildew, while acid-based products work well for discoloration and stains.

Revive the Wood 

Oxalic acid-based products can help remove the aged and gray wood and the dark stains from the surface to give it original wood color and beauty. 

Oxalic acid deck cleaner and crystals are readily available in the local hardware shops. It is recommended to use protection for your hands and eyes while applying these products.

Extra protection

A film of finish is to be applied to create protection on the surface once the maintenance and cleaning of the deck are completed.

Although there is oil and water-based finish available in the market, you can use the oil-based formula for better protection or the water-based formula for ease of application and removal. 


Though the experts are available to be hired to restore and maintain the wood deck, the house owners must know the tips for restoring and preserving the wood deck. By using the chemical-free and best ice melt for wood decks and steps, you can get rid of slippery ice while safeguarding the wooden beauty of your house.

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