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How Much Does Residential Snow Removal Cost?

Ice Melt On Concrete

The biggest impediment of using ice melt on concrete is the after effect. We are asked several questions every day regarding the best ice melt on concrete or the price range of different ice melt brands and products. We want to articulate and present cost comparisons of various alternatives and brands in the market to clear the air.

Residential snow removal is vital to the safety of all the members, including pets. However, since multiple slipping and falling accidents occur across the US, it is essential to use ice melt on concrete and save yourself.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

So how to melt ice on concrete today and what type of products are available?

Green Gobbler snow and ice melt pellets

Green gobbler is a fasting-acting ice melt on concrete with exothermic properties. It melts ice faster than rock salt as it comprises 96% calcium chloride ice melt pellets. Its’ standard 10lb pail costs $29.98 in the market.

Calcium chloride is a close alternative to highly concentrated ice melt products; however, you might want to still check for safety to the environment.

Snow Joe ice melt

Snow Joe comes in fast-acting and instant heat-generating calcium chloride crystals. They effectively work as ice melt on concrete and are available between 10lb to 50lb bags ranging between approx..—$ 14 to $68. You need to check your local store or online marketplaces to purchase the quantity you want.

It does not track onto your home floors or rug from outside and is easy to clean. However, we advise you to check if their effects on kids, pets, and foliage.

Pure Organic ice melt pellets

It comes in a convenient 1-gallon pail and has a fast-acting formula that works safely on ice, wood, asphalt, etc. It might melt at lower temperatures; however, we do not assure you of a 100% environment-friendly option. It comprises calcium chloride pellets.

It costs approx.—$ 16.99. However, you should check with your nearest store for the same.

Blue Heat Ice and Snow Ice Melt

Another ice melt on concrete is Blue Heat ice and snow pellets that comprise calcium, magnesium, and sodium chloride. It has a patented blue tint and can melt up to low temperatures too.

It comes in different sizes such as 8lbs, 12lbs, and 20lbs jars, and costs approx.. $34.98; however, you need to check the prices at the store.

Safe Thaw Industrial Strength Ice Melt

It is a 100% environment-friendly option, comprises carbonyl diamidide (urea), and is 100% chloride-free. It is the most user-friendly and pet-friendly ice melt on concrete and does not cause any damage. It comes in a 30lb bag and costs nearly $64 and a 43lbs bag costs nearly $94.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Now don’t let snow and ice worry you anymore. With Safe Thaw, you have no problem hitting the road and avoiding any slips and falls. In addition, with a detailed comparison above, you now have first-hand information of all the products available in the market.

Learn how to melt ice on concrete with us today!

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