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How Long Does A Newly Laid Concrete Driveway Last


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Every winter, the biggest pain point we want to address is- does ice melt really work? We read reviews and ask for references from our neighbors yet fail to understand what type of ice melt will work and whether it will help you through the season. 

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Any concrete over a year old will not react to any ice melt. Can you put ice melt on ice? If this is another quick question to cross your mind. The answer is yes if you prudently apply the solution. In such a case, Safe Thaw plays a crucial role in helping homeowners to solve their woes. An exceptional urea-modified product, it comprises 100% natural ingredients safe for concrete, kids, and pets and does not harm our bodies. 

Its unique glycols, inhibitors, ice melting boosters, and special surfactants help in melting ice quickly without causing damage to any vegetation and concrete surface. But before we answer, ‘can you put ice melt on ice,’ we must understand how long a newly laid concrete driveway lasts. 

The Mix

Concrete begins to dry as soon as you mix it with water and pour it on your driveway. You must act quickly to pour your concrete and finish it before it hardens. While it may harden as soon you set it and even it out, it doesn’t mean it is ready for use. It often takes much longer to dry, depending on several conditions such as weather, moisture, concrete type, etc. 

Curing time

Before you think- does ice melt really work, you must consider the curing time. If your driveway will experience constant footfall or vehicles on it, it is advisable to allow the concrete to settle. Curing allows the dry mix crystals to blend in with the concrete via a chemical reaction with water called hydration. Curing generally takes around 24 to 48 hours and is ready to handle foot traffic. You can drive your vehicle post 7 days of curing the concrete. However, the ideal time for the concrete to cure and fully settle is around 28 days. 

Can You Put Ice Melt On Ice? 

Newly laid concrete can last for more than two or three years if you take proper care and precaution in the initial stages. Even if you experience snow and ice layer settling on new concrete, you can use ice melt on ice to avoid it from cracking. Using natural ingredients to help you avoid cracking or damage is advisable. 

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You may be tempted to use newly laid concrete almost immediately, but it is better to let it settle to make it last longer. The longer it cures, the better the results and longevity. Does ice melt really work? Yes, depending on the quantity you use and the way you spread it. It is best to use natural ice melt products that will cause zero to minimal damage to your concrete and will not harm your vegetation, kids, or pets.

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