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Do This To Your Concrete Driveway Before Selling Your House


best ice melt for concrete

Concrete driveways are easy to maintain and relatively easy to repair. A thin line of apprehension crosses your mind when choosing the right ice melt good for concrete to make your concrete last several seasons. You are ready to sell your house but do not know what steps you should consider regarding your concrete driveway.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Several households face a similar dilemma every year: What is the best ice melt for concrete to help you survive the season? You cannot expect to get the repairs done on them every year. Thus, you must be judicious while choosing the right ice melt that will not destroy your concrete driveway and pavement and keep your vegetation intact. Keeping this in purview, Safe Thaw came up with a revolutionary urea-modified ice melt product that is not only concrete-safe but 100% environment-friendly. 

With special surfactants and glycols combined with ice melting boosters at the core, these pellets loosen the ice as soon as they come in contact. Since they are procured through natural ingredients, without adding salt or chloride, it is safe for the children, the landscape, and your skin.

But do this to your concrete before selling your home for a good price.

Level The Concrete

Get the help of professional masons and construction companies to level the uneven concrete. Any anomaly in the concrete when the buyers come to see the house will immediately affect the price of your home. It can be done at half the replacement cost and within a couple of hours. Whether in your concrete driveway or the backyard, you can use polyurethane foam to do the job.

Fill The Gaps

It is one thing to have uneven or unleveled surfaces and quite another to have cracks on the driveway. It will lead to a poor image of your home. Fill the gaps using concrete mix and cement to avoid discomfort for buyers looking at your home. It will also help you choose an ice melt good for concrete.

Remove The Stains

If any of your harsh ice melt products have left stains on your concrete driveway, remove them by calling professional cleaners. They will scrape it off and ensure your concrete is as good as new. You can also choose the ice melt good for concrete that is 100% processed with natural ingredients, such as Safe Thaw.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


The proposition of buying a better and bigger house is something we all aspire to. If we would judge a house from its driveway, the buyers will do the same. Instead of whining about the ice melt good for concrete, buy natural products and get a sure-shot resolution. Add a new walkway or repair the old one and get it prepped before you open your home for potential buyers at the right price.

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