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3 Ways You MUST Know To Test Concrete Strength


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OK, you’ve made some concrete. But is it strong enough? You can’t just set the bucket down and wait for the concrete to set, or else it will crack when you lift it again. Instead, there are several ways to test the strength of your concrete prototype before you start working with it. These tests are quick-and-easy ways to see if your mix has what it takes to be durable once it’s used as a finished product.

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Shape Test

The shape test is the most common way to determine the strength of concrete. It is used to determine whether a concrete mixture can be used for its intended purpose. A small amount of concrete, approximately 80 grams (2 ounces), is placed in a mold that has been prepared to resemble whatever object is being tested such as a T-beam or I-beam, flat slabs, footings, or columns. The mold must be placed on a flat surface and allowed to harden before testing can begin.

Slump Test

A slump test is a useful way to test concrete strength because it gives you the ability to see how your mix performed. It’ll also let you know if you need to modify your mix or add more water or cement. You can do a slump test yourself at home with minimal tools and supplies:

Air Content Test

Air content tests are a common way of testing the strength of concrete. An air content test is performed by using a set of three specific tools: a scale, a hydrometer (which takes measurements in terms of specific gravity), and an empty glass jar. The plastic container needs to be sufficiently large so that its contents can be measured both before and after they are weighed on the scale.

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Many people create their own ice melt. Of course, there are disadvantages to this method. It may take longer than other solutions and depend on where you live (and how cold it gets). These so-called homemade ice melter varieties may not always work when conditions are harsh enough for ice to form in the first place! 

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If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not your concrete has reached its full strength, there are several tests you can do at home. For example, the slump test will help measure how fluid your concrete is compared to regular concrete and thus determine if it needs more time to dry before use. This can be useful for testing small batches made with different ingredients or drying conditions so that any differences in performance are noticed right away rather than waiting until after some other step has been completed.

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