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Can You Sweep Ice Melt Residue It Onto The Lawn


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As the end of winter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Your house is probably in decent shape since you’ve been keeping it warm and cozy all winter long, but your yard is likely a mess after all the snow shoveling and ice melt application that’s gone on there. If you have a lot of snow and ice melt residue to sweep up, here’s some good news: You can sweep that stuff right onto the grass if you’re using a natural ice melt.

If it’s Safe Thaw it can be swept up. The ice melter you’re using is not harmful to your lawn. It won’t burn your grass or cause damage like some chemicals do. If you’re using a product like snow-melting granules you probably don’t even need to add more ice melt once the snow has melted.

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Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

Will Ice Melt Residue Damage My Lawn?

It depends on the ice melt. Some products are safe for your lawn and others are not. A good way to test is to take a small patch of grass, apply the ice melt and see how it reacts. If there is damage, try another product!

Did you know that salt can damage your grass? Most people don’t realize that when they use ice melt, the salt residue left on their lawn is harmful to their grass. Salt residue causes brown spots and dead patches in the lawn.

Salt and ice melt residue is not good for the grass on your lawn. If you need to use ice salt or ice melt, be sure to sweep it off of your lawn as soon as possible.

While using ice salt or another salt for the driveway will prevent slips and falls on icy surfaces, they can also damage your grass if they’re left on the surface of your yard. These substances can cause brown spots in the turf that may take time and effort to grow out once winter passes.

Instead Of Ice Salt Use This 

Safe Thaw is unique, environmentally friendly, and the best ice melt for grass. Safe Thaw doesn’t pollute groundwater either. It is safe to use around any water source. Safe Thaw contains special surfactants & ice melting boosters. It helps keep your driveway free from slippery ice layers even at very low temperatures and prevents unwanted slip accidents.

How To Sweep Ice Melt Residue Onto The Grass

Sweep the ice melt residue in the direction of the grass blades. This will prevent your lawn from being damaged by the ice salt, which can burn roots and leaves if it gets on them.

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There you have it. With Safe Thaw, you can sweep ice melt residue onto the grass with no worries. Just use care when doing so, and keep in mind that some deicers are not safe for use on your lawn.

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