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Buying Ice Melt In Wholesale- Here’S The Ultimate Guide


how to melt ice on concrete without salt

Winter is approaching soon, which means ice and snow are on the way to your home and commercial properties. Before the snowfall starts, you must take the necessary steps to eliminate hazardous icy conditions. 

Ice melt generally lowers the freezing point of water and stops ice build-up or breaking pre-formed ice into liquid slush. Though all ice melts aim to melt the ice, not all can work in the same conditions. Each deicing product acts differently at different temperatures and forms. Moreover, salt-based ice melt can have long-lasting adverse effects on your property and the environment. Hence, as a property owner, you must understand how to melt ice on concrete without salt.

Safe Thaw - Best Ice Melt For Asphalt

Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

Before Buying Ice Melt Wholesale

The best way to avoid slips and fall accidents is to use an effective ice melt for concrete. There are different types of deicing compounds on the market. Still, you should consider the following factors before buying: 

1- Climate

Deicer performs by lowering the freezing point of water, and each chemical compound used in the deicer has a different lowest effective temperature. So you should see in which climate you are living and at what temperature you need to melt the ice.

2- Residual Effect

The chemical combination of the ice melt will define how long a product will be effective. Deicer with long residual action will reduce the frequency of ice melt application and save cost. 

3- Effect On Environment 

Most chemical compounds like Salt and Chloride have side effects on the environment and harm kids, pets, and vegetation. So before buying a cheaper ice melt, you must consider its impact on the environment and your dear ones.

4- Ice Melt Form

Ice melts are available in various forms like Solid pallets, liquid, and powder and have different ways of applications. However, the powder form is easier to apply and has a longer residual effect and shelf life.

5- Price

The price of the ice melt varies depending on the kind of chemical compound used in preparation. A product may look cheaper in the beginning. However, you may see more harm than savings. So choose the one with a reasonable price with high performance. 

How To Melt Ice On Concrete Without Salt

Salt and Chloride-based deicers seem cheaper, but they are extremely harmful and cause corrosion and cracks in the concrete. To avoid the salt side effects, you should choose the natural ice melt for concrete like urea.

Safe Thaw Ice Melt For Concrete

 Safe Thaw is a urea-based natural ice melt that does not destroy concrete or harm pets around your facility. Safe Thaw uses glycol to melt the ice and prevent it from refreezing. It can effectively melt the ice at a temperature as low as 25°F and continue its residual effect for 72 hours. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Although there are many factors to making the right choice of an ice melt for concrete, the safety of your dear ones, premises, and the environment should be prioritized. So with this consideration, Safe Thaw is the best choice that meets your budget and is safe.

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