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Best Concrete Driveway Cleaning Techniques


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Your concrete driveway is essential to your property’s curb appeal, and you must be proud of it. However, nothing is more annoying than noticing tire or grease marks or stubborn stains of ice melt. To avoid this, you must take care of regular driveway cleaning and consider an ice melt concrete safe product. Here are the tips for removing each type of stain from your concrete driveway.

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Wash With A Hose Or Pressure Washer

Sometimes a hose or pressure washer is enough to clean the stubborn dirt and stains from the concrete driveway. A power washer throws water at 1500 to 3300 psi, which is 50 times more than a garden hose. 

Best Cleaner For A Concrete Driveway

You may already have some cleaner in your store, but be careful if your driveway has a decorative finish or color because harmful detergent can fade the color and design. Here are some common cleaners that you can use on a concrete driveway:

  • Bleach and water solution
  • Diluted vinegar
  • Liquid dish detergent
  • Baking soda

Cleaning Oil And Grease Stains

A strong detergent and a scrub brush can remove a small oil spot. But it is recommended to use a concrete cleaner, degreaser, or a concentrated alkaline soap to make it easier to remove oil. 

Remove Tire Marks

When the hot tires of a car come in contact with certain types of concrete driveway sealers, the plasticizers from the tire may drift into and discolor the sealer. These marks can sometimes be removed with a degreaser and stiff brush. 

Cleaning Leaf Stains

Leaves and grass can sometimes cause tough stains that require organic stain remover to remove the stains effectively without harming the concrete or color since the enzymes in it only attack organic material.

Maintenance Tips For Your Concrete Driveway

  • Regular washing and cleaning to avoid tough stains on the concrete due to absorption.
  • Reseal your driveway every few years to minimize the impact of weather and rough use.
  • Use natural ice melt for concrete and avoid salt and chloride-based deicing. 

 Why Do You Need A  Natural Ice Melt For Concrete?

Although salt is effective at melting snow and ice, it can harm people’s and animals’ health. You should also consider additional issues, including corrosion, staining, and possible property damage. Consequently, a natural, salt- and stain-free ice melt is the most excellent remedy for winter problems.

Safe Thaw: The Best Ice Melt Concrete Safe Product

Modified carbonyl diamide crystal, unique glycols, patented traction agents, non-ionic surfactant accelerants, and pelletized specific inhibitors with a bluish tint make Safe Thaw the safest ice melt for all surfaces.

The unique crystals release a deicing liquid that has no adverse effects on the materials and speeds up melting. It is an industrial-strength ice melt perfect for large construction sites with many vehicular and pedestrian traffic, parking lots, walkways surrounding the building, and machinery.

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Cleaning and maintaining your concrete driveway is vital for your property’s curb appeal. Choosing a natural and safe ice melt for concrete will not only remove the ice effectively but will also enhance the longevity of your concrete driveways.

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