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Adding Traction Leads To More Sales : Learn How


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There are very few products that can melt ice, provide traction, and not cause any damage in return. While the most popular ones include rock salt or sodium chloride, magnesium and potassium chloride, calcium chloride, etc., purchasing the correct ice melt remover wholesale is still a big challenge.

What Happens When The Ice Melts? 

When you apply any ice melt before or after a snowstorm, the ice melts slowly and becomes brine or slush. The slush sticks to the sole of your shoes, spoil the concrete around if it remains standing for too long, and can damage your foliage if you sweep it directly onto your landscape.

Your office, restaurant, or commercial space gets dirty when the slush comes in, making you go through double trouble to clean it constantly.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

How Can Traction Help To Increase Sales? 

When was the last time you saved yourself from having a fall thanks to a good ice melt product or a traction agent? As a business owner, small or big, your number one motive is to make sales every day. But if your customers feel slightly wary of coming to your premises because of the slippery surface, it will turn into a loss for you.

We all know accidents happen, but if you can avoid them every day, nothing like it. Some business owners use temporary traction formulas such as ash, sand, sawdust, kitty litter, etc.

However, you need to purchase high-quality and government-approved traction agents like Safe Thaw for a long-term effect.

  • Traction lowers the chance of slips and falls, thus making your customers more likely to return to you.
  • It gives a message that you value your customers’ and employees’ safety.
  • You believe in using environment-friendly ways to melt ice.
  • It makes walking and driving more accessible, helping people step out stress-free.

All these factors lead to increased sales because it builds trust in your customers and employees.

 How Can Safe Thaw Help You Achieve Your Intention? 

Safe Thaw is a 100% salt-free and chloride-free wholesale ice melt manufacturer catering to commercial and business spaces across the US. Safe Thaw is one of the only products without any side-effect on concrete or the environment and offers ice melt and traction.

It comprises a dual-patent traction agent that is useful even in subzero temperatures. The industrial strength traction helps maintain a good grip on ice and lessens the chances of slipping, falling or skidding. In addition, the effect of the traction agent can last up to 72 hours on the ice, thus making it cost-effective and stress-free.

There is nothing more valuable than a pet-friendly ice melt product if you are a pet store, and Safe Thaw gives you precisely that! It does not burn their paws or cause any itch in their eyes and does not harm them if they accidentally ingest it. And what better method to increase footfall and sales than to give a demo of the advantages, right!

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Several products in the market can help you in the short run; however, you need a product that is easy to spread, easy to carry in a portable ice spreader, and an environment-friendly ice melt remover wholesale. Safe Thaw offers you a package deal, keeping your safety and time in mind.

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