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5 Reason Why Homemade Ice Melt Is Not The Best Choice


ice melt homemade

Ice melts are an essential part of winter, but there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about what kind to use. Many people swear by ice melt homemade with rock salt, while others believe it’s better to purchase it at the store. In this article we’ll explore both sides and help you decide which is right for your situation.

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Why Ice Melt Homemade Is Not The Best Option For You:

  • Ice Melt Homemade With Salt Might Not Work

You may have a lot of reasons why you want to use homemade ice melt. But is it really better than the store-bought kind? Not always.

  • It’s Too Weak 

If you want to keep your driveway safe, you need something that can break through even the toughest of snow and ice conditions. Homemade products often won’t do this, because they contain ingredients that aren’t strong enough to give you the traction needed on slippery surfaces. Plus, they might be too expensive if they contain salt or rock salt—which brings us to another point.

  • You’re Damaging The Environment

This is the most obvious drawback of using homemade ice melt. If you’re using salt or other chemicals on the ground, you’re going to damage the environment. It might seem like a small matter at first, but once you start looking into this issue in depth, it becomes apparent that there are some serious cons to damaging your surroundings in order to keep things safe for yourself. 

  • Salt Can Kill Plants And Grasses

If it dissolves too quickly and then runs off into nearby bodies of water. In addition, salt can drain nutrients from plants when it damages them during freezing weather (and when it melts during warmer temperatures). This means that not only do we need less food because more of our crops have died off due to lack of nutrients, but we also have less variety in our diets!

  • Not Good For Ice Dams

A lot of people think that ice melt is the best solution for ice dams. However, there are some things you need to know about it before using it on your roof:

Ice melts contain salt, which will damage your roof over time.

The salt left behind in your gutters can corrode them and make them less effective at getting rid of water (or melting snow).

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So, while homemade ice melt might be an easy and cheap option, it’s really not the best one. I would recommend buying some commercial-grade ice melt that’s been proven to work better than homemade solutions. It will save you time and money, plus you can use it again next year without worry that your garden will suffer from a lack of protection against freezing temperatures

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