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3 Ways In Which Ice Melt Is An Investment In Your Business

salt and chloride-free ice melt

Today, the demand for salt and chloride-free ice melt has risen exponentially. Although several brands advertise themselves as part of this category, there is very little to no truth behind those claims. While purchasing an ice melt is the last thing on your mind during the end of summer, the beginning of fall is a great time to buy and stock.

As winters hit, there is a higher chance of not getting the products you want, thus losing precious time. So be sure you are winter-ready for your business and invest wisely in chloride-free ice melt products. 

Top three ways in which ice melt is an investment- 

1. Supply chain and distribution 

Having slippery premises is going to go against your business requirements, thus hampering your growth and productivity. If you are a business owner with a full-fledged warehouse and an active distribution network, you cannot afford to lose out on any working days. In addition, the icy layer will not let your trucks move smoothly, causing them to skid. 

Using a chloride-free ice melt such as Safe Thaw will help you avoid such disruptions. You need to spread it evenly as per the instructions and maneuver your vehicle or walk without falling. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

2. Customer lawsuit

Imagine a situation when there is heavy snowfall, and you have not applied the proper ice melt to help generate traction and melt the ice away. If your customer falls or slips and hurts themselves, they are entitled to reimbursement for their injury, and they can sue you for negligence. 

All property and concrete around your business premise or shop is your responsibility. Every state has an approx. limit of 3 to 4 hours to remove the snow and clear the ice in front of the respective premises. To avoid unnecessary trials, you must use salt and chloride-free ice melt immediately after a snowfall. 

3. Don’t track the ice melt inside. 

There is a high possibility to take the ice melt inside your office, facility, or building, making it a safety hazard. It can not only damage floors but also ruin your carpets, concrete, or woodwork if any. It can also lead to indoor slips as it sticks to your shoes. 

You will need to invest in wiper mats or scrapers to remove the excess ice melt inside and clean the water. With Safe Thaw chloride-free ice melt, you don’t face any such challenges, making your winters safe and secure for you. In addition, the product does not stick to the sole of your shoes and does not leave any residue, thus making it easy to apply. 

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


Safe Thaw has become a popular salt and chloride-free ice melt amongst citizens of different regions. It has no adverse effects on vegetation, pets, kids, and concrete. Of course, using the correct ice melt is essential, but knowing to keep your environment safe is vital too.

Now get winter-ready with the correct chloride-free ice melt products stocked in your facility today! 

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