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3 Quick Ways To Make Your Old Concrete Look New


safest ice melt for concrete

If your concrete looks like it needs a facelift, there are lots of ways to make it look newer and more attractive. You can try pressure washing or acid washing the concrete, or you might even want to have the entire surface resurfaced. There are pros and cons to all of these methods, so we’ll take a look at each one in turn before recommending which is best for your situation. And if you’re wondering which ice melt is safest for concrete. We’ve got you covered.

If you have a pressure washer, this is your best bet for making that old concrete look like new again. Simply use a mild detergent and start blasting away at any dirt or mold on the surface of your driveway or sidewalk. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, there are other ways to clean up your walkway without one.

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Level The Concrete

Get the help of professional masons and construction companies to level the uneven concrete. Any anomaly in the concrete when the buyers come to see the house will immediately affect the price of your home. It can be done at half the replacement cost and within a couple of hours. Whether in your concrete driveway or the backyard, you can use polyurethane foam to do the job.

Fill The Gaps

It is one thing to have uneven or unleveled surfaces and quite another to have cracks on the driveway. It will lead to a poor image of your home. 

Remove The Stains

If any of your harsh ice melt products have left stains on your concrete driveway, remove them by calling professional cleaners. They will scrape it off and ensure your concrete is as good as new. You can also choose the ice melt good for concrete that is 100% processed with natural ingredients. If you’re wondering which ice melt is safest for concrete? The answer is  Safe Thaw.

Safe Thaw is a non-toxic, eco-friendly ice melt for roofs. Safe Thaw is made of minerals that will not corrode metal. It won’t damage your roof or any other material on your property. In fact, Safe Thaw is non-corrosive to most roofing materials —including aluminum and galvanized steel. The ice melt manufacturers made sure it doesn’t harm plants or animals when used as directed.

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So there you have it. Three quick and easy ways to make your concrete look new again. It’s no secret that concrete can be expensive to replace, so it’s always worth trying these tricks first before calling in the professionals. And if all else fails? Just paint over those problematic patches!

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