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3 Damaging Impacts Of Snowplow On Your Concrete


melt ice concrete without salt

Unless you live in a desert, there’s no doubt that the winter months are a time to prepare for impending snowfall. Whether you’re lucky enough to have your plow or not, there’s bound to be some damage done to your driveway by snowplows as they drive by. No one wants their beautiful concrete driveway marred by ugly ruts and scrapes from passing snowplows—especially if those scrapes can’t easily be fixed later on down the line. If you’re also looking for ways to melt ice concrete without salt and damage from snow plows, stay tuned.

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Scrape is when the blade of the plow scrapes off some of your concrete’s surface, leaving behind an irregular edge. This makes it hard for vehicles to drive on because there are now ridges or bumps in their path. It also creates a rough surface that causes shoes and boots to slip when walking on them. The uneven ground causes people to trip and fall more often than they should have.

Metal Edge

Snow blowers with a metal edge can damage the concrete if you do not operate them gently. The snow blowers’ edge must be soft rather than metallic, which can damage the concrete. If you are inexperienced in operating the snow blower, you may damage the concrete by pushing it too hard, eventually leaving deep marks on it.

Improper Handling

It is best to employ the services of a professional snow removal contractor who knows how to remove the snow using different equipment. But if it is a DIY project for you, keep the blade at least ½ an inch away from the surface at all times. It will allow the blower not to have direct contact with the surface.

 How To Melt Ice Concrete Without Salt And Damage From Snow Plows

Use a safe concrete ice melt. Safe Thaw is one such ice melt. Apply a layer of ice melt before the first snowfall. It keeps the snow from sticking to the surface. A snow blower can remove the layer of ice melt from the concrete surface, thus damaging it. If there is a thin layer of snow, you can use a snow blower to remove it safely without damaging the surface.

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It’s important that you avoid driving over the concrete until the snow and ice are gone, as doing so can create potholes and cracks. The longer that your concrete is exposed to these elements, the more damage will be done. While you may have some limited time to clear your driveway after a snowstorm before there is too much damage done, it’s best to use a shovel or other manual tool instead of plowing through it with your car.

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