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Your Guide To Winterize Your Concrete Driveway Surface


ice melt for concrete

Generally, property owners are taking precautions to defend their businesses against the onset of winter as quickly as possible. However, in addition to safeguarding their exterior, they should also be concerned about the safety of their outdoor structures, such as their sidewalks, patios, and other outdoor furnishings and accessories. 

Learning how to winterize your concrete surfaces ahead of the impending cold is critical to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs. Snow, ice, brine, and chloride ice melt for concrete can all cause damage to the driveway, especially if allowed to soak in via gaps. 

There are several ways to prepare your driveway for winter. You can obtain almost all the products you need at your local hardware or home improvement store.

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How To Winterize A Concrete Surface

  • Inspect For Any Signs Of Damage

When you are preparing your concrete surface for the winter, the first step you should take is to inspect its current state. You need to pay attention to problems being fixed as soon as possible if the concrete has signs of damage, such as spalling, cracks, or unevenness. 

  • Seal All Concrete Surfaces

Sealing your concrete surface is the most effective technique to maintain its flawless condition over time. Doing so before winter ensures that it won’t get damaged when moisture comes into contact with the surface of your concrete slab. 

  • Using Ice- Melt On Concrete

Salt, or sodium chloride, lowers the freezing point of water. When ice comes into touch with salt, it melts and dissolves the salt, generating a brine solution. 

However, the days of sprinkling handfuls of rock salt are over as people become aware of its adverse effects. Furthermore, table salt, sand, and kitty litter require cleanup after the thaw and have proved harsh on pavement and surrounding vegetation over time. 

Businesses nowadays prefer deicing using safe components that can cover the most surface area with the least amount of product. These natural ice melts function similarly to salt. Still, they have a more comprehensive temperature range, persist longer on wet surfaces to prevent re-icing, and are safe for all surfaces.

Safe Thaw: Safest Ice Melt For Concrete

Using natural ice melt on concrete instead of rock salt is safest. Safe Thaw ice melt is a patented mixture of biological and anti-corrosion agents with biodegradable and environmentally-friendly chemicals. 

Safe thaw does not contain magnesium or calcium chloride, making it non-hygroscopic. As a result, it is safe for concrete, machinery, and vehicles.

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Due to the regular below-freezing temperatures and massive amounts of snow and ice, adverse weather conditions can take a toll on your driveways, including your outdoor concrete areas, like your walkways or patio. 

That is why keeping appropriate concrete maintenance throughout the winter is crucial. Non-maintenance of your concrete could lead to cracked or broken concrete in the spring. In addition, it demands repairs or replacement of the affected region. Hence, be aware of different ingredients’ benefits and adverse effects before using ice melt on concrete.

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