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Your Go-To And Essential Guide For Concrete Driveway Maintenance


best ice melt for concrete

Concrete driveway maintenance is vital, especially if you have winters fast approaching and are still deciding what is the best ice melt for concrete. You must consider the health of your concrete, its condition, and whether it needs any repairs. 

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While there are several ice melt good for concrete, a few may have too much chlorine or salt in them. You will notice several products in the market with an 80% to 20% ratio of salt and chloride or a pure blend of different chlorides, but rarely will you find a product that is environmentally friendly and contains no extra elements. Safe Thaw is one such product that is 100% safe with natural ingredients. It is a urea-modified product with ice melting boosters, crystal core, special surfactants, and glycols that are good for your driveway, garden, and landscape.

So, before you jump to purchase your ideal ice melt product, let us take a quick go-to guide to maintain a concrete driveway and make it last for a longer time.

Reapply Sealers

If you have noticed any cracks on your concrete driveway, it is advisable not to ignore them. Repair with wet or dry sealers by applying them along the cracked portion. It is best to apply sealers only when you know the cracks are not too many and not too deep and wide. When winters come, while you may wonder what is the best ice melt for concrete, the application will backfire. So, remove all the dirt, clean the concrete, and apply sealers to prevent further cracking.

Remove Stains

It is one thing to see a spot or two but quite another to see several stains on your driveway. Some may have been caused by paint, heavy salt-based ice melt, etc. Engage with a professional to come and scrub the stains with stabilizing chemical ingredients and one that will not harm the concrete health. You can choose the ice melt good for concrete during winters to remain stress-free.

Repair The Concrete

If there is extensive damage, it is best to repair the concrete by redoing the entire surface area or removing the most affected portion. You will need a proper concrete mix and nearly a 28-day window to cure the concrete. It is best to carry out this activity during the fall. Post this; you can choose the ice melt good for concrete and improve your winters.

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There are several ways to maintain your concrete driveway, but the ones highlighted above are the most common problems homeowners across cold regions face. If you have been wondering what is the best ice melt for concrete, then it is Safe Thaw. It is safe on the concrete, budget-friendly, and can be stored without it forming lumps or losing potency.

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