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Your Driveway Is NOT What You Think It Is


best way to use ice melt

If you’ve ever had to navigate a slippery driveway in winter weather, you know how treacherous it can be. Even when you’re wearing the proper footwear—like boots or sturdy shoes with traction—it’s easy to slip on those patches of ice that form overnight during cold months. We will also discuss the best way to use ice melt, but first, here are some things that may surprise you about driveways:

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The driveway is more delicate than you think.

The driveway is more delicate than you think. It’s not just a piece of concrete, brick, or asphalt. Many different things can damage your concrete, and it requires special care to keep it looking good. The best thing you can do for your driveway is to get it professionally cleaned by an expert every year.

Driveways are porous

Your driveway is porous, which means it will soak up any water you put on it and slowly releases it back into the environment. This can cause a number of issues for your home and lawn, such as:

  • Discoloration of your driveway (dark spots)
  • Sinking or buckling in areas where there are high concentrations of oil/grease or other contaminants
  • Leaking into your basement when you don’t have sump pumps to divert excess water away from the foundation

Driveways can be damaged by ice melt.

Chemical-based ice melt products are harmful to your driveway.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your driveway is not to use ice melt. While it’s great at removing ice, chemical ice melt is also harmful to the surface of your asphalt. If you use too much, or if it gets on the concrete (which happens more often than you think), this can cause damage over time.

Driveways are hard to repair.

Driveways are not what they seem. They might be made of concrete, but they are much more than that. The driveway is actually a complex system of interlocking components. When you have issues in one area it can affect other parts of the system and cause problems elsewhere on your property.

This means that if you have trouble with your driveway, it’s important to know whether or not the problem lies with just that part or if it’s something more serious and affecting other areas also.

The best way to use ice melt

Use a concrete-safe ice melter that is environmentally-safe, easy to apply, and does not damage your plants. Plant life can be damaged by slushy chemical products when they are applied too frequently on walkways or driveways adjacent to lawns or other vegetation. 

Safe Thaw is a urea-based ice melt designed to be safe for metals, machinery, concrete, kids, pets, and the planet. The non-corrosive formula can be used on concrete, lawns, and decking material without discoloring or damaging the surface. With this, we hope your query “concrete safe ice melt near me” is satisfied.

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