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Wood Decks: The Ultimate Selection Guide.


Wood Decks: The Ultimate Selection Guide.

Ever walked barefoot on a warm deck, felt the grooves of the wood beneath your feet, and thought, “Ah, this is the life”? There’s a magic in wood decks, an old-world charm that’s hard to replicate. But, choosing the right wood? Well, that’s a saga. With so many varieties in the market, each singing its own tune, the process can be a tad overwhelming. But fear not, for here’s your quintessential guide to choosing the absolute best wood for decks. Buckle up!

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Cedar: The Sophisticated Elder In The Wood Clan

Cedar, with its age-old legacy, is kind of like that elegant aunt we all have. The one who’s seen it all, been there, done that.

Protection Par Excellence: Imagine Cedar as that cool dude with natural sunglasses, warding off bugs and decay. It’s all thanks to its inherent oils and tight grain.

Eco-Awareness on Point: Cedar’s the tree-hugger of the wood for decks world. It’s sustainable and doesn’t put too much strain on Mama Earth.

Redwood: The Maverick With Flair

If Cedar is the elegant elder for wood for decks, Redwood is that younger, edgy cousin, always in the spotlight.

  • Dapper Looks, Solid Soul: A wood that’s not only easy on the eyes but also stands tall come rain, sun, or snow? That’s Redwood for you.
  • Nature’s Moisturizer: This one’s got natural oils that give it a certain… je ne sais quoi. An allure, a charisma that keeps rot at bay.
  • Pressure-Treated Lumber: The Workhorse
  • Reliable and ever so consistent. Kinda like that trusty old friend who’s always got your back.
  • Tough Love: It’s ordinary wood that’s been given a boost, a little pep talk to beef up and resist decay and those naughty termites.
  • Friendly on the Finances: It’s the everyday hero for those of us watching the wallet but not wanting to skimp on quality.

Bracing For Winter: The Cold Truth

Winter’s great for snowball fights and cozying up with a hot chocolate, but for your deck? It’s like that uninvited guest who overstays their welcome. You might think of using salt or some other chemical concoction to deal with the ice. But, and this is a big but, there’s a downside.

  • The Gritty Truth About Salt: It’s a double-edged sword. Melts the ice, sure, but also plays havoc with your wood, causing wear and tear and dulling that lustrous finish.

But wait, there’s a silver lining. Enter Safe Thaw!

  • The Gentle Giant: A potent blend that’s gentle on your deck, but tough on ice. No more corrosive nightmares or short-circuit scares.
  • Meld of Magic and Science: This isn’t your run-of-the-mill melt. It’s a marvel, a concoction of a modified crystalline amide core and some special glycol admixture. Sounds fancy, right? That’s because it is.

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To Wrap It Up: Your Deck, Your Statement

When you’re choosing wood for deck, you’re not just picking planks. You’re crafting a vibe, a feeling. Whether you’re swaying towards the classic aura of cedar, the robust allure of redwood, or the steadfast spirit of pressure-treated lumber, remember to care for it. And when winter comes knocking, arm yourself with Safe Thaw. After all, your deck deserves the best. Cheers to making memories, one plank at a time!

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