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Why Concrete Driveway Is Worth Every Penny


best ice melt for concrete

If you’re thinking of installing a new driveway, you might be wondering whether it makes sense to go with concrete or asphalt. In this article, we’ll explore the features of a concrete driveway so that you can make an informed decision about your next driveway project.


Concrete is a tough material, to begin with, but when it’s used for driveways, the quality of the concrete becomes even more important. When you choose a contractor who knows how to lay concrete, you can expect that your driveway will be able to withstand heavy loads and last for decades.

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When it comes to driveway construction, concrete is less expensive than asphalt. Concrete driveways are usually cheaper to install because they don’t require any special equipment or labor. You’ll also save money maintaining your driveway over time since you won’t have to replace parts as often as with asphalt (which can get chipped away or cracked).


Concrete driveways are versatile. Concrete is such a great building material that you can stain it to resemble wood or stone, or add texture so that it looks like brick. You can even use concrete for pathways in your garden.


Concrete is made from natural materials, which means it’s not only a renewable resource but also has a low carbon footprint.

This material is also less likely to leach toxins into the environment. Concrete can be recycled more easily than asphalt because it doesn’t have any binding agents.

Last longer

Concrete is a more durable material than asphalt and can last for decades. Concrete is a porous substance that contains air pockets, which help to make it stronger. Asphalt has no such qualities. It’s essentially just melted tar stuck together with an adhesive.

Because of this difference in composition, you’ll find that concrete driveways are better suited to areas that receive heavy traffic and need to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Less maintenance

Concrete driveways require less maintenance, and they last longer.

You also won’t find yourself sweeping your driveway as often if you have a concrete driveway since they do not attract dust as asphalt does.

Safe Thaw – Ice melt concrete safe

Traditional rock salts can cause crumbles and cracks in your concrete driveway. To prevent this damage and keep your driveway looking great, ensure that you’re using the right ice melt. Then what is the best ice melt for concrete?

Safe Thaw is an ice melt that is concrete safe and eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Safe Thaw is a urea-modified product with special surfactants, glycols, ice melting boosters, and inhibitors. Safe Thaw melts the ice and reduces the risk of any injury caused by slipping, skidding, or falling on ice. The quick-acting ingredients are ideal for pre-application and post-application on snow and icy surfaces.

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Concrete driveways are a great choice for any homeowner. They’re durable, affordable, and can be customized to fit your home’s design. A concrete driveway doesn’t need any special preparation before being installed.

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