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What Places Should You Avoid Using Ice Melt On Roofs?


where does ice melt faster

Salt can be very dangerous for your roof and can cause damage that can be very expensive to repair. Salt and chemicals are designed to melt the ice on your roof when it is sprayed onto it. The problem with this type of product is that it will also melt any snow or ice that may be on your roof at the time, which causes potential water damage if not caught immediately. Not only does this make a mess but it can also cause leaks in your home which are very expensive to repair. So, which ice melt should you use on your roof and where does ice melt faster?

We all know quite a bit about concrete driveways, but where to put ice melt on roof and where you must avoid it.

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Storm Drains Should Not Be Directly Plugged.

Avoid putting the ice melt on ice dams directly, as it is quite thick and will yield no results. Instead, you can try breaking the ice dams with a soft shovel or a scraper to remove the excess ice before applying the ice melt.

Spread It On The Full Roof Surface

Once you shovel the extra snow, you can spread the ice melt liberally all over the roof to melt the ice and direct it towards the storm drains. It will work better if you use the ice melt before the snowfall to prevent the snow from sticking to the surface.

Where Does Ice Melt Faster?

Avoid using ice melt directly on the cables as they are electrically charged and will not hold the ice melt pellets. Instead, if you see excess ice buildup, wear a rubber glove, wear rubber-soled shoes, and gently break the excess ice from the cables. Once the excessive ice is cleared off, you can wipe the cables with a cloth.

Avoid Corners Of The Roof.

Heavy amounts of ice melt products may get stuck along the corners and crevices of the roof. Rather than concentrating a heavy amount of ice melt along the corners, you can remove the excessive snow and ice by using a soft shovel and then use a small quantity of ice melt or Safe Thaw to break the icy layer. This is not where does ice melt faster.

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