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What Is The Effectiveness Of Roof Melt After A Certain Amount Of Time?


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That’s a great question! Roof ice melt is very effective, but it can lose its effectiveness after a while. The best way to use it is to apply it before the freezing weather hits and then reapply it every few hours throughout the day when temperatures are below freezing. If you keep doing this, your roof will stay clear of ice and snow for much longer than if you don’t use ice melt at all.

Over the years, we have received several queries about roof ice dam melt and which is the safest. 

When we speak of ice roof ice dam melt, there are certain prerequisites you must keep in mind before attempting to melt them. 

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Clean The Roof

Clear the roof of all debris and dried twigs and leaves. You will notice the maximum accumulation near the storm drain and gutter. It is one of the major reasons to cause ice dams on the roof’s edge. It is best to clear the roof before winter to avoid permanent damage. 

Storm Drains Should Be Cleaned

There is a high possibility of leaves getting stuck inside the storm drain. It will not allow melted ice to pass easily, causing further damage and hassle. Use a leaf blower to clear the passage and make way for melted ice. You can do it yourself or hire a professional contractor to do it for you. 

Roof Should Be Repaired

You may have cracked roof shingles or concrete or metal roofs that need immediate attention. It is best to get the roof repaired before winter. Any cracks will lead to melted water seeping inside your home near the ceiling. It will lead to mold formation, making your interiors look unpleasant. Choosing a roof ice melter that will tackle this well is best. Always use an non corrosive ice melt for concrete.

How Long Does Roof Melt Take To Work? 

Ice melt on metal roof work similarly to applying them on the driveway. They will loosen the ice if you apply them before a snowfall. You can spread a liberal amount on the ice layer post-snowfall and immediately see the ice melt. It will make it easier for you to rake or shovel the ice or see it melt down the storm drain. 

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