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Used Ice Melt On Concrete: Shocking Results

Ice Melt Safe For Concrete And Pets

Ice melt helps in removing ice from driveways, steps, and sidewalks. It can not only melt ice, but also provides extra traction for walking or driving. Ice melt can make your winter more bearable and safer. Before snow hazards come to your doorstep, you can buy ice melt in bulk and save your trip to the store during a snowstorm.

A large variety of ice melt is available in the market for your concrete but, it does not mean that they all are safe for concrete and the environment. Here are some of the shocking results which you may see after using ice melt on your concrete.

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Sodium Chloride or Rock Salt

The most common type of ice melt is sodium chloride, also known as rock salt. Although it is the cheapest choice, it can cause irreversible damage to concrete. It increases the chances of formation of gaps and cracks in the concrete due to freeze and thaw cycles. This product is not fit to be used around pets and gardens. As a responsible business establishment, you need to foresee the harms which toxic chemicals do to pets around your community. Hence, if you are looking for large quantities of ice melt, buy pet-safe ice melt in bulk rather than buying rocksalt and storing it.  

Calcium Chloride

This ice melt can withstand temperatures as low as -25° F and acts faster than sodium chloride. But don’t use too much calcium chloride, as it can harm your flora and fauna in and around your commercial area. When the snow melts, the salty water rushes off into your lawn, contaminating your greenery. Even though it is more expensive than rock salt, it impairs your wood and concrete by sucking up the moisture.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride is more expensive than sodium chloride or calcium chloride, but it is less likely to harm your concrete or lawn. This ice melt is only effective at temperatures below 0° F, which is better than sodium chloride. But it causes corrosion of the metals used in roadways.

Calcium Magnesium Acetate

Calcium magnesium acetate is the most expensive but safest sort of driveway salt. This salt won’t harm your driveway, and it’s also safe for pets and the environment. It works best when the temperature is above 20° F. Its continuous use will decrease the load capacity of your concrete while causing deterioration.

Natural De-icers

As an alternative to chemicals, natural and non-toxic de-icers can be put to use. They are, however, less effective and inflict less damage to concrete and plants. Some of them are wood shavings, sand, Sawdust, kitty litter, etc. 

Even though they do not melt ice but provide traction because of their anti-slip properties. But it is a tiresome task to clean these from your driveway and walkways.

Crystalline Amid Core Formula

These crystals with glycol effectively melt the ice but also give traction. It works well for three days after its first application, preventing ice from sticking to the concrete. It forms a protective layer on your concrete and is even safe for new concrete. If you are planning for long-term winter safety, then you can purchase this pet-safe ice melt in bulk. This formula is pet safe, kid-safe, and environment friendly.

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Keeping walkways and driveways clear is a priority when it comes to preserving safe access to and from your businesses and homes throughout the winter months, as they are a complex combination of concrete and snow. Snow accumulation can soon become a hazard, resulting in potential slips, accidents, and injuries around your premises. Hence, use an ice melt that is effective and protective without being hazardous to your concrete and environment.

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