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The Calcium Chloride Debate: All You Need To Know


Is Calcium Chloride Safe

As winter approaches, the quest to find the best deicing agent heats up. Amidst the options, calcium chloride often emerges as a popular choice. But the burning question on everyone’s mind is: Is calcium chloride safe? Let’s dive into the debate surrounding calcium chloride, its applications, and if it’s the right choice for you, especially if you have installations like trek decking.

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Unraveling The Science Behind Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is a salt, and it’s hygroscopic by nature, which means it can attract and absorb water molecules from its surroundings. Because of this property, when it’s spread over ice, it draws away the moisture and lowers the freezing point of water, making it melt at much lower temperatures. This makes calcium chloride an effective deicing agent in extreme cold conditions.

Safety Concerns Surrounding Calcium Chloride

While calcium chloride is effective, the concerns about its safety revolve around the following points:

  • Environmental Impact: Prolonged use of calcium chloride can have negative impacts on the environment. When the snow melts, the run-off, now mixed with calcium chloride, can find its way into water bodies, potentially harming aquatic life.
  • Corrosiveness: One of the more significant concerns is that calcium chloride can be corrosive. Over time, it can damage metal surfaces, leading to concerns about its use around machinery, vehicles, and industrial properties.
  • Vegetation Damage: If used excessively, calcium chloride can be harmful to plants and grass. It can pull moisture away from them, leading to dehydration.
  • Footwear and Floor Damage: Calcium chloride can be tracked indoors on shoes, potentially damaging indoor flooring and carpets.
  • Potential Health Concerns: Though the chances are slim, if ingested in large amounts, calcium chloride can be harmful. It’s crucial to store it out of the reach of pets and children.

Is Calcium Chloride Safe For Trek Decking?

Trek decking, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, has become a favorite among homeowners. Given its composition, the question arises: How does calcium chloride interact with it?

While trek decking is designed to be resilient, like all materials, it has its limits. Calcium chloride, given its corrosive nature, might not be the best choice for deicing a trek deck. Prolonged exposure can lead to the decking material becoming brittle over time. Besides, the residue left behind from the melted ice can cause discoloration if not cleaned promptly.

Enter Safe Thaw: The Safer Alternative

Given the concerns surrounding calcium chloride, it’s worth considering alternatives, and Safe Thaw emerges as a clear winner in this regard.

Why Safe Thaw?

  • Non-corrosive: Unlike calcium chloride, Safe Thaw is non-corrosive. It won’t harm your industrial property, or machinery, or cause any short circuits. So, if you have a trek deck, Safe Thaw would be a preferable choice.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from a patented dual-effect compound, Safe Thaw is chloride and toxin-free, ensuring minimal harm to the environment.
  • Effective and Long-lasting: The modified crystalline amide core infused with a special glycol admixture ensures rapid ice melting, and the traction agents provide added safety against slipping. Its concentrated formula assures long-term, maximum effectiveness from season to season.
  • Safe for Vegetation: Without the harmful salts that typical ice melts contain, Safe Thaw is less likely to cause harm to plants and grasses around your property.

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In Conclusion

As there are many products available for trek decking with different chemical compositions, the question (is calcium chloride safe for trek decking) should be clear by now. While calcium chloride has its advantages, especially in extremely cold conditions, the concerns surrounding its safety can’t be ignored. For homeowners, especially those with trek decking installations, and industries looking for a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative, Safe Thaw provides the solution. By making informed choices, we not only ensure the safety and longevity of our property but also play our part in protecting the environment.

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