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Select Best Ice Melt For Your Facility

Best Ice Melt Products

Slippery sidewalks and walkways around your establishment are not safe for your customers, employees, and yourself. Not only is it difficult to clear snow from the parking lot and slick walkways, but it can also be annoying too. Heaps of snow and layers of ice can impact mobility and, therefore, footfall. For businesses, it’s imperative to maintain easy access to driveways and walkways at all times by keeping them snow-free. In this article, we will discuss some of the common salts used in various ice melt products. We’ll also help you choose the best one for your business establishment. 

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Sodium Chloride or Rock Salt

Rock salt is 98% sodium chloride. Most of the ice melt brands have sodium chloride in their blend. The reason why rock salt is so popular is that it’s the cheapest choice. But the biggest con associated with rock salt is it is not a concrete-safe ice melt. Moreover, the chloride-based compounds are corrosive in nature and damage your concrete driveway.

Calcium Chloride

This is another popular ice melt that can withstand temperatures as low as -25° F and acts faster than sodium chloride. One of the biggest cons of using ice melt containing calcium chloride in its blend is its cost. Moreover, it eats away at wood and concrete by absorbing moisture and certain necessary chemicals. Therefore, it’s still not the perfect ice melt for facilities with concrete.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride is more expensive than sodium chloride or calcium chloride, but it is less likely to harm your concrete or lawn. This salt is only effective at temperatures below 0° F. Although it’s better than sodium chloride in this aspect, it causes corrosion of the metals used in roadways.

However, there are some salt-free, chemical-free options that you may try this winter:

Traction agents

Another alternative to salt or chemical-based ice melt can be traction agents. These agents are used when you need to access the driveway, sidewalk, or walkways immediately. Most traction agents are natural elements like Wood shavings, Sand, Sawdust, Kitty litter, etc. 

Even though they do not melt ice, they do provide traction because of their anti-slip properties. However, it is a tiresome task to clean these from your driveway and walkways.

Salt-free, chemical-free ice melt

You can get rid of snow and ice from areas in and around your business establishment without the fear of damaging your property or harming pets and the environment.

Safe thaw is one product that has natural crystals in its blend. On coming in contact with snow, the crystals leach out a deicing liquid that speeds up the melting process. It forms a protective layer on your concrete. It is a concrete-safe ice melt and is even safe for new concrete. 

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Final Thoughts

Different ice melt compounds have different levels of effectiveness in various conditions. Each has its own effective melting temperatures, residual de-icing action, and potential environmental effects. However, choosing salt and chemical-free ice melt can help you get rid of the snow without the fear of harming your property.

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