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Roof Ice Dams: Causes And Cures.


Roof Ice Dams

Let’s face it: Winter can be a love-hate affair. As much as we adore the snow-capped sceneries and icicle bling, there’s that annoying guest that tends to overstay its welcome—ice dams on roofs. So, why do they crash our winter party, and how do we kindly (or not-so-kindly) show them the door? Grab your cocoa; it’s storytime.

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Behind The Ice Curtain: The Birth Of Ice Dams On Roofs

First things first, let’s get to know our frosty foe a bit better. Ice dams on roofs aren’t just Mother Nature having a cheeky laugh at our expense; there’s a method in this icy madness.

Picture this scenario: It’s a bone-chilling day outside, and your roof is all snug under a blanket of snow. Inside, though, it’s toasty warm, thanks to that heating you’ve got cranked up. Now, this warmth sneaks up to the roof, making the snow’s underbelly melt. This mischief water tiptoes down the roof, but as it hits the colder edges—boom! It freezes, setting the stage for our infamous ice dam. Now, any meltwater coming behind it gets trapped, and before you know it, you’re looking at potential leaks and water damage. Talk about a party crasher!

The Salty Mess: How To Get Rid Of Ice Dams?

So, you’re thinking, “I’ll just toss some salt up there or get those chemical deicers.” Hold up! Time for a reality check.

While salt may be the darling of our kitchen, it’s the nemesis of our roofs. Continual use can eat away at metal gutters, and downspouts, and don’t even get me started on what it does to plants when it washes off. And those chemical concoctions? They’re like that friend who seems sweet but gossips behind your back, slowly ruining the health of your roof tiles.

Enter The Hero: Safe Thaw

How about a solution that’s kind to both your roof and Mother Earth? Meet Safe Thaw. Here’s why it’s the toast of the town:

  • Clean and Green: Forget chlorides or toxins. Safe Thaw’s got none of that nasty stuff. It’s like giving your roof a green smoothie instead of junk food.
  • Runs a Marathon, Not a Sprint: With Safe Thaw, it’s not just about today. Its concentrated formula promises to have your back, snowstorm after snowstorm.
  • Safety First: Worried about your rooftop equipment or any other machinery? Relax, kick back. Safe Thaw’s non-corrosive formula means no rust, no damage, and definitely no electrifying surprises.
  • A Cut Above: Safe Thaw isn’t your average Joe. It’s a blend of pure genius, combining a crystalline amide core with a nifty glycol twist.

Stay One Step Ahead

Sure, Safe Thaw is great for damage control, but what about preventing the icy invasion from the get-go? A couple of pointers:

  • Up Your Insulation Game: A well-insulated attic is like a warm hat for your house—keeps the heat where it belongs.
  • Vent, Vent, Vent: A breezy attic can stop that snow from melting too fast and going rogue.
  • Keep an Eye Out: After a snow party outside, check for any budding ice dams.

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To Sum It Up…

Winters should be all about snowball fights and cozy firesides, not roofing headaches. Armed with a sprinkle of knowledge, a dash of prevention, and our trusty sidekick Safe Thaw, those pesky ice dams better watch out! Stay warm and dry, folks!

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