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Preparation For Winter Weather: 5 Things To Do.


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With the cold weather comes a whole host of hazards. The best way to stay safe and warm this winter is by taking a few simple steps now and of course, choosing the right ice melt salt

Here are 5 things you can do to prepare for winter weather:

Here are 5 things you can do to prepare for winter weather:

Repair Concrete

Get your driveway in order by fixing the cracks. You can use a concrete sealant and apply it yourself for small cracks. Alternatively, for bigger damage, you can hire professional contractors to resurface the concrete or re-do it with a different look to add curb appeal.

Note: Remember to remove any weeds that may have grown on a paved driveway.


The handiest snow removal equipment for any home is a shovel. You can invest in a broad base shovel or a snowblower to help you remove any excess snow. You can dry them and store them in the garage.

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Cover Your Furniture

Cover all your patio and backyard furniture with thick tarp covers to avoid moving them indoors. If you have anything on your lawn, you can keep it in an enclosed space. It will prevent it from getting damaged by direct contact with the snow.

Clear The Gutters

Clear the gutters or storm drains of debris or dry leaves to avoid any blockage during winter. It will also help the melted snow flow effortlessly into the drains.

Drain Valves

Don’t forget to leave the drain valves open so the lines don’t freeze and keep the hot and cold-water faucets on to avoid freezing pipes. It will help the water flow freely into your home.

Which Ice Melt Salt Should You Use?

While deciding how to prepare outdoors, we also want to understand that there’s a difference between ice melt and salt. In Fact there are two type of ice melt- chemical and natural.

To overcome this dilemma, Safe Thaw introduced a unique urea-modified product with ice-melting boosters, special surfactants, and glycols admixture to create a 100% environment-friendly and pet-friendly product. It protects your landscape and concrete and is safe for your kids. This is the only ice melt safe for concrete.

So, what are the top 5 to-do’s to prep your outdoors for winter weather?

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We know that winter can be tough. If you’ve ever been stuck in a snowstorm or had to drive through an ice storm, you know how scary it can be. In this article we’ve discussed what you need to do now so that you can feel confident when the snow hits (including your queries on the best ice melt salt.

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