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Melting Ice Off Of Windshield Is Not As Hard As You Think- 3 Simple Steps


melt ice off windshield

Anyone in a snowy region knows the hassle of warming up your car each morning. The most annoying part of a chilly morning is de-icing your windshield so you can start driving. We all look for the fastest way to melt ice off the windshield.

Although ice is the only water that has been frozen, it frequently comes in contact with muck, debris, and even chemicals or salts used to de-ice roads when it freezes on your automobile. 

In addition, the trash can scratch the surface as the ice melts or when people try to remove it with a snow brush or other brittle objects. Therefore, we need to understand how to melt ice fast on the car window without damaging the vehicle.

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Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

How To Melt Ice Fast On The Car Window

There are different ways to prepare your automobile for the road on a wintry morning, but not all are equally effective.

  • Scraper: Using a scraper can result in dings and other damage that needs to be fixed. Additionally, exerting a lot of pressure or striking the glass could exacerbate any weaknesses in your windshield. 
  • Salt Water Solution: Since salt corrodes metal, you’ll need to keep the salt water on the glass and avoid metal surfaces. 
  • Natural ice melt: You may shield your car from rusting and other harmful effects of chlorides by using a safe, salt-free, natural ice melt. Whether you have covered parking or not, your car and property will be protected from snow and ice with Safe Thaw, a salt-free ice melt.

Safe Thaw: The Fastest Way To Melt Ice Off The Windshield

It consists of a modified crystalline amide core, a glycol admixture, and traction agents. It instantly breaks the surface tension and starts melting the ice. The crystal core penetrates the ice and makes it weak, thus making ice removal quick and easy. Moreover, if your car becomes stuck in snow or ice, Safe Thaw can be utilised as a traction aid. Sprinkle Safe Thaw around the tires for a safe drive. It is non-corrosive and will not damage paint or metal.

Three Simple Steps To Melt Ice Off The Windshield Are

  • Apply your natural Safe Thaw de-icer from above while the defroster is at work, melting the ice below. Give it a minute or two to sit before using it. 
  • With your windshield scraper, gently chip away at the ice. Then, wipe the ice onto the ground as it starts to break loose. 
  • Once the snow and ice are gone, give your windshield wipers a quick wipe to eliminate any leftovers.

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For safe driving, keeping your windshield clean is essential. Because you might be unable to slow down and stop quickly in wintry conditions, vision is even more crucial. Safe Thaw will prevent snow from building up on your car and give you an excellent grip on slick areas.

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