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Is Your Ice Melt Safe For Asphalt? Checklist Inside

Best Ice Melt For Asphalt

Ice melt comes really handy in the winter to keep your property safe during snowstorms and ice storms. However, not all ice melts are effective. In this article, we’ll discuss the best ice melt for asphalt driveways. 

Today, I’ll reveal why sodium chloride (often called rock salt) is not the best choice for your asphalt driveway. Plus, an alternative that works better and won’t damage your blacktop.

The dangers of chloride for asphalt driveway

Chloride is a chemical that can damage your asphalt driveway. The problem with chloride is that it causes corrosion to the asphalt, which leads it to break down and eventually crack. Over time, the cracks get bigger and bigger until the driveway has crumbled away completely.

Chloride can also be dangerous for pets if they drink it or eat it off of the ground where you’ve spread the chloride-based ice melt. This can cause serious illness in dogs and cats because their bodies cannot handle chloride like us.

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Here’s the checklist to help you choose the best ice melt for asphalt and concrete:

Avoid Calcium Chloride And Magnesium Chloride

While it may seem like a good idea to use ice melt on your driveway and parking lot, avoid using chemical ice melts for several reasons.

Safety Of Kids, Pets, And Environment

Salt can also cause other problems, like corrosion in the pipes that run under your driveway. Rock salt is not safe for pets also. If you have plants where you drive, rock salt is also bad for them since it can kill plant roots if they come into contact with it often enough.

Choose The Best Ice Melt For Asphalt Driveway

Safe Thaw is a unique, environmentally friendly, and effective ice melt approved for use on all driveway surfaces. It doesn’t negatively impact the life of your asphalt and concrete driveway. Moreover, the product has no harmful effects on plants or animals, including pets and wildlife. 

Safe Thaw doesn’t pollute groundwater either. It is safe to use around any water source. Safe Thaw contains special surfactants & ice melting boosters. It helps keep your driveway free from slippery ice layers even at very low temperatures and prevents unwanted slip accidents.

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Winter is coming, and we need to take care of our driveways. While it’s tempting to use salt in the wintertime for deicing, you should be aware that rock salt can do significant damage to your asphalt driveway. Choose the best ice melt for an asphalt driveway that is effective, non-damaging to the driveway as well safe for kids, pets, and plants. 

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