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Is It Ok To Use Any Ice Melt On Your Granite Steps?

ice melt for granite steps

Granite steps are one of the easiest to lay and last several years. However, they become slippery come winter, making walking difficult. You need to purchase the best ice melt for environment that is not only safe for your landscape but also for kids and pets to walk. Several products are available in the market, but granite needs a product that will make it less prone to injuries during winter.

What Are The Advantages Of Having Granite Steps?

While we concentrate on concrete or asphalt as our go-to materials for driveways, patios, or steps, there are other materials we can use.

One of the materials gaining popularity amongst several homeowners is granite. Let us take a quick peek into the advantages of using granite for steps.

– They look gorgeous and give an elegant look to the entry of your home.

– They become the focal point of your home’s entry.

– They are stain-resistant and are quick to clean every day.

– They come in visually appealing designs and patterns that are ideal for any home.

– They are one of the sturdiest materials on the market and make a great investment if you are not keen on using concrete.

Safe Thaw - Ice Melt Safe For Concrete

Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw was created as the ice management solution for tough winter environments. Ideal in commercial and industrial properties, shops, government agencies, bridges, and construction.

Every material has its pros and cons, including granite.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Having Granite Steps?

They are great to look at and are easy to clean; however, there are certain elements you must keep in mind.

– They have a smooth finish compared to concrete or asphalt, making them slippery in winters.

– There are high chances of skidding or slipping if you have not applied the best ice melt for granite steps or invested in anti-skid mats.

– High chances of injuring yourself, kids, or pets at home if the steps are not cleared almost every day during winter.

– It may be one of the sturdiest materials on the market, but if a heavy object falls, it can crack or chip.

– You have to replace the entire section and not just a part.

Now that we know the advantages and disadvantages of using granite on steps, the next question is about using the best ice melt for granite steps.

– It is not ok to use any ice melt for granite steps.

– Some blends have a higher concentration of sodium chloride, popularly known as rock salt, making it harsh on your granite steps.

– Salt is abrasive and can remove the sheen and smoothness of your granite steps.

– While calcium chloride ice melt or magnesium chloride ice melt is considered a safe product to use on granite steps, it is not the best ice melt for the environment.  

How to Clean Granite Steps?

Cleaning granite steps can be a delicate task as they can get slick and dangerous when icy. To melt ice on these surfaces without causing any damage, Safe Thaw is the ideal solution. It is gentle on all types of surfaces, making it the perfect choice to clean granite steps in the icy season.

How to Get Rid of Ice on Steps?

To get rid of ice on steps and driveways, a highly efficient ice melt product like Safe Thaw is needed. This ice melt product is safe for concrete and starts working immediately upon application, significantly reducing the risk of accidents due to slippery surfaces.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


While selecting the best ice melt for granite steps, you must consider every factor. From making it slip-resistant to not removing its sheen and cleaning the granite steps daily. One of the best ice melt for environment and safe for granite is Safe Thaw

It is a urea-modified ice melt product with active glycols and inhibitors, special surfactants, and ice melting boosters that reduce the effect of snow on granite. It can be cleared quickly and acts as a secondary booster. It is imperative to understand not every ice melt is safe for every material


Salt, though commonly used, can harm concrete and can be harmful to pets. So, how can you get rid of ice on steps without using salt? Safe Thaw is a great alternative. It effectively melts ice on steps and is safe for both concrete and pets.

To melt ice on wooden steps, it’s crucial to use a product that won’t damage the wood. Safe Thaw, once again, proves to be the perfect ice melt solution. It’s gentle on wood and other surfaces while being highly efficient in melting ice.

Yes, Safe Thaw can be used on a variety of surfaces, including patios and driveways, to safely and efficiently melt ice.

The task to deice sidewalks can be made easier with Safe Thaw. Sprinkle this ice melt on your icy sidewalk as per the instructions on the package, and watch it quickly dissolve the ice without damaging the concrete underneath.

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