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Ice And Salt Burn: Understanding The Effects On Skin And How To Prevent


Ice and Salt Burn

Chills whisk through the air, and sparkling frost kisses the windows – yes, it’s winter again. And with it comes a little-known nemesis: “Ice and Salt Burn.” While the wintry landscape is bewitchingly beautiful, the marriage of ice and salt can wreak havoc on our skin.

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The Deceptive Frostbite Lookalike: Ice And Salt Burn

Have you ever flinched, feeling a sudden sting as you handled salt to scatter on the ice-glazed driveway? You may have unwittingly stumbled upon the painful phenomenon of ice and salt burn. Resembling frostbite, this burn doesn’t stem from fire but from a chilling reaction between salt and ice.

Bewitching Chemistry Or Fiendish Foe?

Our primary focus here, ‘ice and salt burn,’ doesn’t simply describe a burn; it tells a tale of a chemical reaction. As salt mixes with ice, it lowers the freezing point of water, forcing the ice to melt. This process, endothermic in nature, absorbs heat from its surroundings, including your skin, leading to a severe decrease in temperature that can result in tissue damage, similar to a burn.

The Impact On Our Bodies And Homes

Salt, often marketed as a ‘salt for ice melt,’ has its downfalls. Not only does it pose a potential threat to your skin, but it can also negatively impact your property. Salt can cause damage to concrete surfaces, leading to a flaky, crumbling driveway. It is corrosive to vehicles, hastening rust and other deterioration.

Unkind to the environment, high sodium concentrations in runoff water can harm plants and aquatic life. And imagine walking into your business premises, only to find salt-tracked flooring damaging the aesthetics and professionalism of your environment.

The Safe Thaw – A Breath Of Fresh Air

Amidst these concerns, is there a solution? Absolutely! Enter Safe Thaw – an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional deicers. Unlike common salts, Safe Thaw doesn’t harm surfaces, your vehicle, or the environment. Most importantly, it spares you from the dreaded ice and salt burn.

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Preventing Ice And Salt Burn

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. To avoid ice and salt burns, one should minimize direct skin contact with the salt and ice mixture. Wearing gloves can offer an effective protective barrier. Moreover, using alternatives like Safe Thaw can provide a comprehensive solution, keeping the icy paths safe without the hidden perils of salt.

Remember, winter should be a season of warm cocoas and cozy blankets, not of unexpected burns and skin woes. This year, arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools, and ensure that ice and salt burn becomes a thing of the past. Here’s to safe, serene winters.

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