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How To Repair Concrete Damaged By Ice Melt


We choose the best ice melt for our homes, only to be disappointed at the end of the season to see the concrete get damaged. One of the biggest questions plaguing us is how to repair concrete damaged by ice melt. It usually happens when we do not exercise precaution while choosing the right ice melt or when we overuse the product, thinking it will melt ice faster. But that is not so. If you are still looking for viable solutions to repair damaged concrete, it is time to look at quick fixes right here!

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But before we jump to the repair part, we would like to apprise you of a product line that is 100% environmentally friendly and natural. Yes, it is Safe Thaw! It is a unique urea-modified product changing how homeowners melt ice on their driveway and battle winter woes. With superb ice-melting boosters with a liquid core, special surfactants, and glycols, you have one product that will take care of everything for you. From roofs to driveways, it is ideal for all surfaces and materials.

But we want to discuss something else here, do we? Let’s give you a quick run-through of the different ways you can repair damaged concrete driveway and how much ice melt to use in case you didn’t know that already.

Concrete Sealants

Concrete sealants and caulks are thick adhesives manufactured keeping strength and durability in mind. They come in tubes and small tubs that you need to squeeze into the cracks and even it. They are ideal for fixing small cracks all over the driveway and do a great job of keeping bugs and water out.

Resurfacing Concrete Driveway

Clean the driveway of debris and wash it thoroughly. Mix the concrete resurfacer of any brand, such as Quikrete, and pour the mixture on the cracks. Use a flat-edged trowel to ensure the mix goes deep into the crevices, and let it dry overnight. It is an economical way to fix the concrete driveway. It will also help you solve your problem of how to repair concrete damaged by ice melt.

Instant Cement

A quick-fix cement solution is also a great way to fill the cracks. They are durable, easily available, and can be done at home. Pour the mixture into the cracks and see the magic overnight.

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These are some ways to fix cracks on concrete damaged by ice melt. But how much ice melt to use every winter is one question you must answer. Generally, it would help if you used only half a cup of ice melt per square yard. Ice melt is potent, and spreading it evenly on your concrete driveway will help you avoid slips and falls. Read the instructions and avoid facing the question of how to repair concrete damaged by ice melt by choosing a natural product line.

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