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How To Prevent Ice Buildup Around Your Office Or Store 


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You have cleared off your office premises of snow and ice an hour back, and you see a thin layer of ice reforming on the surface; it gets worrisome, right? Even with the best ice melt, you notice a layer forming that can prove hazardous to pedestrians, cyclists, and even pets! You do not want to be caught in this hiccup every winter, do you? 

Nowadays, many retail outlets, offices, and store owners employ professional services to help maintain their premises during harsh winters. However, the amount of effort required to clear the snow and break the ice is not manageable. While you have an ice melt spreader and some of the most potent ice melt products in the market, it is a constant effort. 

What happens when you have excessive ice buildup? 

  • Excessive ice buildup often happens when we do not use the correct products before a snowstorm hits us. 
  • It increases the chances of getting injured by falling, slipping, or skidding. 
  • It amounts to unwanted medical expenses and hits your monthly budget. 
  • There is a higher chance of mistaking the surface for plain ground with black ice formation, while in reality, it is a thin layer of ice. 

Freezing temperatures add to the woes that bring snow and ice and wreak havoc all around. You will notice ice dams, frozen gutters and storm drains, and frozen pipes around your office too. 

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How can you prevent an ice buildup? 

Even the best ice melt cannot guarantee you a positive result. But with a few calculated steps, you can prevent the buildup. 

  • Keep track of snowstorms in your area to help you prep for harsh winters. 
  • Use environment-friendly deicers such as Safe Thaw that quickly spread and cover the maximum ground around your office or store. 
  • You can alternately use liquid deicers as well before the onset of snowstorms or blizzards. 
  • Clear your roof and storm drains of any debris or leaves to ensure there is no ice dam formation. 
  • Keep shovels, snowblowers, and a stock of the best ice melt readily at all times during winter. 
  • Hire a structural contractor to recce your office and store to provide you with preventive measures to avoid ice buildup. 
  • Clear the openings around sewer systems to ensure that melted ice can freely flow into the sewers.

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Safe Thaw is an industrial-strength ice melt available in almost every offline and online store in the country. Its fast-acting and chloride-free formula can help clear the ice buildup almost instantly and remove the chances of falling on the ground. You can use any ice melt spreader to evenly spread Safe Thaw around the office or store premises after a snowstorm or before one. 

With an excellent spread rate, it can melt ice even in subzero temperatures and not harm your foliage or vegetation in any way. In addition, its concentrated formula assures long-term effectiveness that is cost-effective and concrete-safe. 

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